Wasp Nest Removal

19 Mar 2003
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United Kingdom
Does anybody have any suggestions for destroying a wasps nest?

The bu**ers appear to be going through a small hole and into a cavity wall so I cannot get access to physically remove the nest. Is there any spray or something that someone can recommend or am I best getting the professionals in?

Any idea of cost - I am in the West London area?


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Get on to your local council. I believe it is their responsibility to resolve the problem. Just one of those, value for money services you get in return for your council tax.
I bought a product from B &Q saturday, for a nest behind an airbrick, this is a powder that you 'PUFF' into the hole, it say's use late in the evening when most wasps are in the nest, and that it may need to be repeated in a few days to kill young that have hatched.
I am not sure if it works by the wasp taking the powder into the nest, but the little 'loves' continuted to go through the hole to get home.
It will be a few days befor I know if it worked.
TexMex said:
Get on to your local council. I believe it is their responsibility to resolve the problem. Just one of those, value for money services you get in return for your council tax.
I has mine done approx' 5 years ago by my local council and didn't cost anything apart from my council tax which also collect 1 bag of rubbish per week as well
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My council charged us £30 about 2 years ago the nest was in the loft and they sprayed it with a white powder. But they didn't remove it.

Rentokill wanted £60 but they remove the nest.

The wasps never came back.
I noticed the "odd" wasps going in / out of an airbrick last year, quantities of wasps did increase, but i thought i will wait untill winter then i can go under floor and get them.

Winter came so under the floor i went coulnd find whole wasps nest as the RAT we had, had eaten it, but a rat trap got the rat

totaly true
Thanks for your replies.

DIYisfun - I would be interested to know how you get on with this

David and Julie - In my area (West Lon) the council want £45 :eek: and Rentokil want £95 :eek: :eek:

Despite being curious about what I get for this money (and what they are spending my council tax on) I think I will have a go myself first ;)
my thoughts are this, if like mine the nest is in confined space what are you to do?

My idea was to take plastic bag, put over nest, tie string around top of bag "cutting" nest off from its fixing in process.

when outside put hose in bag and turn on, cant burn it as wasps will escape as bag melts

neighbour had wasps nest in shed once, i gave him a can of "industrial strength" fly killer (dont have it any more) wasps all dead in less than 24hours
I had a similar problem to Diyisfun, in that I suspect I had had a nest behind an air brick. I used the powder from bandq and a wasp spray which I used to spray any excess powder into the area. I repeated it the following night.
Since then I have had no wasps but that was about a year and a bit ago so I'm keeping an eye out this summer. Hopefully they won't return. Never did manage to find out if there was a nest or not. Not sure whether you have to try and find the nest and actually physically remove it. I didn't but may pay for it in the long term.
Davey....those prices were about 2 years ago, not sure what they are now.

The interesting thing was how they disagreed on the best thing to do. The council said it's best to leave the nest and poison in case any came back.

Rentokill said best to remove the nest completely. In all fairness to rentokill I think they were going to come back for the nest afterwards so would need 2 trips.

Council were on a good thing though, guy said he did at least a dozen a day, on his own.
Well unless they are waiting for the warm weather (HaHa) I think they have all gone.
BTW in another property where I had the same problem, I mixed garden insecticide & spayed it into the air brick. When I was happy that the wasps were dead I picked up the floorboards to get the nest. I was amazed at the size & the way it was fixed to the joists. (I think they may have been onto this site for fixing ideas).

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