10 Aug 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi guys not sure where to put this but im after a little advice.

how would you suggest I deal with a wasps nest, it appears that the little blighters have decided to make a home in out wall cavity just behind a vent.
The vent is at the top on the wall so the nest could be in the loft (havnt ventured in their since seeing the wasps going in and out of the vent)

Looking around it appears the council will come out and have a look for £50 but was wondering if there was a way I could deal with them as it looks like the house have had a fair few nests in the past. (we have a fair few fruit trees nearby)

Thanks all
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For £50 I would let the council sort it. Be there when the guy comes & caht to him about other areas of concern, maybe a £10 in his pocket, will get it all sorted & give you piece of mind.
are you mad????? get a professional in asap.

we had a wasps nest in the eaves a few years ago, a guy came to see to it, he sprayed some white powder up into the eaves, about half a litre i reckon, and the wasps all came out white :LOL: he had to do it leaning out of the bedroom window with the funny hat on too, it was a right sight.

He used the same stuff for an ants nest in the conservatory too, they haven't been back since. :)
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Yea, get a pro in ;). We had a wasps nest in our back garden 6 years ago and the only reason for the discovery was due to my Mum cutting back the small bush we have. She came across something that looked like a leather football. She thought it was the kids from nextdoor that had kicked it over and was about to pick it up and throw it over into their garden
. She looked closely and saw a twig going straight through the top of it and just couldn't understand it! Started cutting at the tree again until she got stung :cry:.

Anyway, good old white powder should do the trick for you ;). We saw all the wasps leaving their powdered nest in droves lol.

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