Water down Air Brick - Seeking Advice

9 Apr 2020
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United Kingdom

We have a new build, 2 years old (incase this is relevant to how under a house is built)

We had an bit of an accident with a paddling pool when the kids were playing in it and some air escaped, causing loads of water to flood out and down the lawn (which took the brunt of it), but as the garden is sloped, around the base of the house are what i think are telescopic ground level air bricks which got submerged for a couple of seconds before sucking down some of the water. We're not talking insane amounts of water but was enough to make me panic as it submerged a couple of those air bricks due to the speed of it all.

Other than it being a little bit non ideal, is this an issue which would need any remedial work (and if so, what?) or would any water that got down there work its way out? (Sorry - my understanding of under house voids is extremely limited). As a precaution I put a dehumidifier on in the room on the otherwise, but it was only on for a few minutes as it's happy with the humidity in there.

Any advice appreciated, or am I (as my wife says) making an issue out of nothing?

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Well, yes your wife is right - because of the age of the house - if you had a house with suspended wooden floors due to it's age, then IF there were less than enough airbricks you might have a minor issue for a while, a very moot point though. As it is your house has a suspended solid floor incorporating a damp proof membrane (y)
Nah I wouldn’t get yerself worried.

some water probably made it into the cavity or the soulmn below the DPC (damp proof course.)

it will dry out. (y)
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Are the ground floors concrete or wood?

Do you have paving round the house? It should slope a bit so water runs away from the house, not towards it.
Perfect. Thanks all, will stop worrying and be more careful with the air valve on the kids paddling pool!

Moral of the story? Wife's always right!! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Have a great indoors Easter all!
Are the ground floors concrete or wood?

Do you have paving round the house? It should slope a bit so water runs away from the house, not towards it.
If I were to lift up the carpets, it is concrete beneath them if that's what you mean.

Moving forward, the patio doesn't slope away from it, I will raise this with the developer.
I have tile air bricks, the size of one brick all round my house. They constantly block up with spiders webs and general dust so every so often I give them a good blast with a hose pipe. Quite a bit of water goes through but I’ve been doing it for 30 years with no ill effects.

Job for today I think!

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