What Heating Controls do I need for a 3 zone system (UFH plus Radiators)?

21 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
As part of a renovation, our plumber installed UFH in the main ground floor areas, as we were having new floors laid. Rads were installed in the rest of the house. The UFH is in two separate zones (separate flow monitors for each). Therefore, a 3 zone system in total.

The plumber left us with a Heatmiser wiring centre, but said they don't wire those up and we'd have to get an electrician to do that. Our electrician said he doesn't know how. So we're on our own with this. We'd like RF control over the various zones. However the wiring centre isn't suitable for RF controllers, apparently.

Am I right in saying that we'd need 1 x RF controller for the UFH, together with the appropriate RF receiver wired to the boiler? And would that control both UFH zones?

In addition, would we need another separate RF controller for the rads, presumably with another RF receiver unit wired to the boiler?

Thanks for any advice.
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...The plumber left us with a Heatmiser wiring centre, but said they don't wire those up and we'd have to get an electrician to do that...
That's a bit naughty, saddling you with a component that he has no intention of commissioning.

Presumably you can hardwire the RF receivers from several RF thermostats into the Heatmiser UFH control? In this way you can have RF control of the three zones, and the boiler call can be from either a hardwired link or via an RF link (consider using an RF cylinderstat to get the Heatmiser output to an RF receiver at the boiler if hardwiring has not been installed).

In any case you'll need the UFH to be piped independantly of any radiator loads, or you'll have rads warming up at silly-o'clock when the UFH kicks in.
It wont be difficult for someone who is experienced in advanced heating systems and the controls to sort it out for you but it definitely isn't a DIY job.

As @MeldrewsMate says though, that's ridiculous. I wouldn't be making final payment to those guys until they sort it out or get someone who can. They shouldn't be installing/supplying and charging for something that they aren't capable of completing.

If you have paid for it all and now have to pay again to have it completed then that's pure misrepresentation as far as I'm concerned, unless they told you up front that they couldn't do the final wire up.
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Last person to be involved with this is an electrician.

The heatmiser system is fine if prepped correctly. Otherwise use Evohome.

Get an installer that understands ufh and controls. Getting two people in is a recipe for disaster.

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