What is best 2g Smart Socket

10 Dec 2008
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Jersey Marine
United Kingdom
I purchased a SMART socket
All I need is App to switch on & off ..... no Alexa currently - maybe in future.

I failed to be able to get it to be detected .... SMART Life app on Android Phone ...... even set Wifi to be fixed on 2.4Ghz still not detected.
Seller sent me a replacement - exactly the same. Tried Auto detect and manual configure - no difference.
Unsure if it's a BT WifFi issue (though all other WiuFi devices connect fine) or APP or physical hardware of switch.

Anybody care to recommend a SMART 2 gang socket that does set up easily, and can be operated via a phone.
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I haven't looked through the spec, but check which channel you are broadcasting on over the 2.4Ghz range. In the UK we are allowed to use Channels 1-13. Many products designed for the American market can only use 1-11.

Manually set your router to a channel in that range and report back.

Also try it with encryption and wifi password turned off- put it back on immediately after testing though.
Router set to Smart Channel ... and curently Channel 11 .... so would be fine
It uses WPA2 ..... don't want to run my Router without encryption ... even for short time.

Annoying thing is there is zero information - simply 'no device detected'
I have ordered a BG Smart Waterproof socket ... be in tomorrow - no reviews have reported any issues with connectivity - so will try that.
Update ....

OK tried all options but unable to get it to be discovered by my phone.
As a test I installed the App on my iPad, auto discovery failed, but and a manual connection worked.
I don't really want to use my iPad ... but it seems to prove at least the thing does work.

Now an Hr after giving up ..... I noticed my Phone now showed the operation screen (2 sockets) and it works .....
Figure that one out

Assume iPad somehow facilitated connection to Hub .... and once it was connected phone App could see discovered devices.

Next thing will be to try for range ... might have to add a WiFi extender ( have a spare BT WiFi Disc)
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I have three types of smart devices, some have a dedicated hub, some have a zigbee hub, and some connect direct to router, zigbee piggy back off each other to extend range, and both direct and zigbee use smartlife so once programmed in hard to remember which are direct and which are zigbee.

Most are also connected to google home, and hard to tell what program does what, I simply say hey google turn on landing light and it does. The google mini's seem to work well.

However had a few older units fail, so now where I can I use items which plug in, I avoid hard wired where I can. My daughter does not like idea of google listening in, and keeps switching off the microphones on google mini's which is a real pain.
Google is certainly happy cfollecting data in any form ..... ;)
This socket is just WiFi no Hub required, I'll have to test range today.

It was so difficult to get them to connect ... many people must give up, as the selller cannot support and the manufacturer is unknown.
I also ordered in a BG version (it has good reviews)

Seems it uses its own 'BG' App rather than SmartLife, not sire whether that is a disadvantage or not.

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