Alexa - Smart Plug's crash

30 Dec 2018
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United Kingdom
I have 8x Smart Plugs around the place, 2x connecting via wifi AP 3, the other 6 via wifi AP 2.

Yesterday I noticed the drive light still on during daylight, it is programmed via Alexa to go at dusk, off at 11pm. Loading the Alexa app on my phone to manually turn it off, it showed that Smart Plug and two others as 'not response' - all are on wifi AP 2, others on the same AP were still working normally.

Going to the actual Smart Switches, to press the physical buttons, none of the three would respond to the buttons. The only way to regain function was to switch the 13amp socket off, then back on.

One crashing and locking up - it happens, but three of them at the same time?
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I have lost connection with my smart items regular, with TRV, energy monitor, and switch/monitor I have two way coms, so I can see from app if they have failed, but the rest are just a command sent, no return signal, so you don't know.

I had 5 smart light switches, now down to 3, with 5 all 5 from time to time would go wrong, and since lights, to correct I had to go outside and down a set of steps, and into flat under house and switch off the RCBO count 5 and switch it back on again, not a smart move when dark and raining. But once 2 removed, the remaining 3 have never had a problem.

I use Nest Mini not Alexa and I blamed the Nest Mini, I would say hay google turn off music and it would reply turning off 5 switches and turn off the lights, hay google turn lights back on, got I don't know how to do that yet. However since removing 2 switches it seems to be behaving its self so maybe it was not the Nest Mini at fault?

May be just too many devices and it got confused. 19 now, was 21.
May be just too many devices and it got confused. 19 now, was 21.

I don't know, it just seems so very odd three becoming unresponsive and at the same time. I have had the odd one loose access to the wifi and show as 'no response', but they have always resumed function when the wifi reconnects.

The Alexa app is obviously able to and does interrogate them when you load the app up, because it always shows the correct status and even if I have pressed the physical button to change the status.

The Alexa server system, on the other hand - just fires off a command and hopes, there is no confirmation that the command got through and no notification of its failure.
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