The house just crashed

Comfortable is not any particular number.

Is absolutely correct! I spent a bit of time as the engineer in charge of a very fancy BMS system in an extensive, modern building. Temperature in all parts of the building were individually monitored, but controlled by the BMS to a fraction of a degree. So no chance of anywhere not being exactly to the correct temperature, yet the occupants would often be on the phone asking that their temperature be increased or decreased a little. What people find comfortable, depends upon so many factors, plus the individual themselves, plus there health at the time. If the have a cold, a normal temperature can feel quite chilly. Even the weather outside, can make it feel chilly, even though the indoor temperature is perfectly steady.

I set a base day temperature of 18C in the hall, which is fine during the day and often too through the evening, but if we feel chilly I nudge it up some.
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You must have the only partner, assuming she's female, who isn't always cold or feeling draughts. ;)

Oh, my wife moans it is always hot now. Bloody menopause. Wants the lounge door open all the time, heating off, bloody freezing now!
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It is crazy. I used to like the cold and hate it too warm, and she was the opposite. We've switched places in the last few years.

Probably proof that men always need younger women. :)