what would you have done / do?



had a phone call from my brother

"i need a picture for this application form, can you take one on your camera and print it for me?"

(you need to know my brother is able boddied, has a car, etc, lives 2 miles form town, and mrs breezer will not have hm in the house)

so that means i have to drive 3 miles to my brother, take his picture, come home (3miles) download / resize picture, drive back 3 miles to my brother come home again

that's a total of 12 miles where he could have driven into town and back (4 miles in all) and gone to a photo me booth

Ijust had to get it off my chest, but what would you have done

oh, i told him to go to town
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know wonder your better half wont have that lazy swine in the house ..
Woolworths is open today their passport photo booths are £3.50 for 4 pics
ring him an pass on this info ...lol ;)
she wont let him in the house /?? he is family m8 he actuallly is blood she isnt wtf are u on tell her he is your blood and is ALLOWED :LOL:

and i would have told him to go to town but not cos my bird says so :LOL:
PMSL maybe he didn't have £3.50 for the photo booth.... :LOL:

Or maybe he loves you so much he desperately wanted to see you for some brotherly bonding?
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an your the man of the house ...eh right ,

when she/the boird tells you too jump ,

you answer with "how high my love !"
BOOM BOOM ..its tha way I tell em LOL..LOL..LOL

"brotherly bonding" YIKEs ... *shudder*
You couldve downloaded and printed off any male of like colour/ age (wouldve been as much a lookalike as those photo booths anyway).
Then got your brother to meet you in YOUR local pub, where he wouldve got a few of your favourite tipples in already for you for your efforts!
LOL..LOL @ "any male of like colour/ age "

+"where he wouldve got a few of your favourite tipples in"
lol that bum/Tramp can't even afford £3.50 ,how will he pay for these drinks ?
hmmm... he probably would say" cheers bruv" whilst nodding at bar maid to put them on Breezers tab!
Barcardi Boy, I think you did right. Sounds similar to my brother.

Is he genuinely incapable, or lazy and takes advantage? And does he confuse the boundaries sometimes? Mine does.
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