What you expect the next Government to do in Utopia

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Well they will be bitterly disappointed when they find that their heroes are just the same incompetent corrupt influence peddling money grabbers as the current lot. However we can wind JohnD, Galley etc up endlessly for the next 5 years..
Which Utopia do you mean?
Neither one i've read will bring y'all any comfort.
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Thing is years ago when I was young, the governments of the day could get away with anything.

These days with social media, anybody can have a pop, often without fact checking what they are stating.

The next Government will be as bad as the last few ….. but this time we’ll be able to use SM to raise our objections

Could you imagine the pasting that TB would have had when he pulled his “weapons of mass destruction” stuck and took us into a very dubious conflict
I'm not so sure about that they can do whatever they like because they're all the same in having their strings pulled by outside influencers and know we can't do anything about it.
This is why this farmers against the bull shi*t that is nett zero is so pivotal in what will happen going forward. At the moment in election year here and in the EU theyve rowed back a bit, (Starmer with his watering down of his funding for nett zero and Von de Layen giving in slightly to the EU farmers)
Once they've got your vote your trapped into another 5 years of being mute.
I think the Communists or the Marxists will be disappointed whoever is elected.
Ha ha ha ha. Move on , that's the bullshit from the 80,s. The current trend is for the rich monied people to say "Down with Socialism". Socialists are the enemy. Inherited wealth knows best. They will provide, providing they get their opulent life style first regardless of effort, ability or merit.
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So the hard left think that things will be like living in Utopia - so what exactly do they want or think they will actually deliver?
Just a change of direction will do for me.

Not expecting much, certainly mot utopia.

But I don't want more of the same.

I'm not hard left though so my opinion might not count
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