Where to buy hot water cylinder

3 Mar 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I am planing to buy an unvented 120 litres hot water cylinder for my two bedroom flat. I am not looking at anything too expensive and was wondering if buying online is worth it. For instance I found this one:

However it says that only has got 5 year manufacturers guarantee when others have 10 or even 25.

I have also seen this one in screwfix:

with 25 years garantee

Any one has got any useful recommendations?
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The installation of unvented cylinders should only be undertaken by qualified persons with a current G3 certification. If you want to see the effects of incorrect installation, put unvented explosion into google and have a look at the videos there.

If of course you are employing someone suitably qualified to do the work, they will be able to advise you on cylinder selection and price.
Sounds like a planned DIY job to me!

Just as well I don't live nearby!

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Just to clarify, I WILL employ someone qualified to this job but in order to speed up the proces and save some cash I want to get everything myself.
if someone is willing to give me advice than thanks a lot.
mcmoby69, you should asses your own stupidity levels, your are up for a shock.
Has the qualified installer you have chosen given you advice on the better makes and particularly on sizing the cylinder correctly?

mcmoby69, you should asses your own stupidity levels, your are up for a shock.
No need for that.

Many tradesmen will make up 'lost' profit elsewhere, so buying yourself may well be false economy.
I am getting a quote in half an hour, another one tomorrow and the last one on thursday, so i have not ask anyone yet and I am in the planning phase. I would prefer someone else to do everything to be honest so if you guys reckon is not worth it then I rather leave it for others. I like always to have control over what goes in my house, that was the reason of choosing myself and do not let others choose for me.
Supplying goods yourself is only ever to your detriment, to know why, google The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 and have a quick read up on the basic legislation around this.

Not all tradesmen are out to rip you off :D
I know i know...I just had bad experiences in the past, i'llgo with your advice and will let the guys do everything.
You can ask them whom they prefer to buy the cylinder.

Its legally to your advantage for them to buy it.

But a few actually prefer that you buy it as it saves them time transporting it and means the cash flow is better and also avoids the slight risk of you not paying the bill.

I see, so the best thing to do when discusing the quote would be to offer them to buy the materials for them and see what he says...
No, just ask them if they will get the cylinder ( as that's to your legal advantage ).

But be prepared to get it if they prefer as the difference usually is pretty irrelevant ( with a cylinder ).

Let them get the other small materials, tube fittings etc.


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