Where to buy hot water cylinder

Well i am not familiar with these cylinders but the ones i have seen have got a release valve that let the preassure escape if it becomes too high (similar to an italian coffee machine (I tested the valve in one of these and the coffe went everywhere). The guys at mythbusters must have bloqued this release valve somehow in order to do that...or not?
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mcmoby69, you should asses your own stupidity levels, your are up for a shock.

thanks for that advice. i only come in here when i'm bored. you've given me summat to do now. i'll let you know how i get on.

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Hey thanks North, just to confirm i am smarter than the average person.

i scored 127 on this IQ test.

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must say thankyou, i wouldnt have bothered doing it otherwise, not all of us here are hairy arsed plumbers.

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I had 125, but i was being distracted by the dude trying to get me to help him with a puzzle. Had to do the second half of the test trying to piece together Francesco Bernoulli at the same time :rolleyes:
mcmoby69, the fact that you copied and pasted that bit certainly clarifies your IQ...
Grow up!

And, it was not copied it was done by clicking the quote button.
Whose IQ is in question now?
The test ain't for free so you gotta be pretty dumb to do it. :LOL:
Trying again will only get to the same point.

Don't make any payment and they email the result to you!
If it's for free, it's for me. And it is.
I think it's a profile that costs 10 bucks. The result is free.

And giving me only 117, so it bl**dy well should be!

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