which type of fitting on plastic water pipe?

7 Jan 2008
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Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
Hi, I'm looking to install a dishwasher taking a cold water feed somewhere after an isolator on route to my kitchen tap. The pipework goes from 15mm copper to grey plastic with HBP 15 written on it (and then back to copper via 2 elbows and alength of this plastic pipe). The elbows from here dont seem to be a push fit, or at least I can't easily remove them by pulling, to insert a T-piece without sawing. The elbows seem to be in one piece, unlike speedfit which I have seen in a shop.

Has anyone heard of this pipe type and know what fittings it takes?

Can I just saw (or is it ONLY with a cutter?) it and put in an insert(s) and add a plastic 'speedfit' adaptor or copper fitting?

Sorry bit of a novice and not had any luck searching. Thought it would be straight forward.

Thanks in advance.
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wow that was quick! seems similar from what I can see, what are my options from here then?

Should I go back to the copper and start again with speedfit or hep2o (and which is easier/better?) or can I branch from this?

thanks in advance.
your choice.
i prefer hep20 to speedfit. but try stick with one make not mixing different makes.
but you can cut the pipe fit two inserts and either use a plastic tee or a brass compression tee
hep20 fitting unscrew then you can pull them apart but you won't pull the grab ring off, only by pulling it off the other end if you try pulling it the way it went on you'll knacker the teeth.
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not sure it unscrews


sorry its sideways on...
Thanks very much, that answers my question, although creates another - How do I get it off? I presume make a new cut into he copper pipes at each end and replace all the plastic with a different 'system' (i.e. speedfit or hep2o).

Many thanks again.
if its all working ok just cut in the middle of the plastic and fit a hep20 demountable t fitting to supply your dishwasher.

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