Which Wood for loft shelving unit ?

1 Apr 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi Guys,

Been reading the forum but could not find the answers to some of my questions.

I am planning to panel the loft with loft panels (B&Q or Wickes) and then install a shelving unit to free up the box room of all the boxes :)

Can you please let me know :-

1. Which wood (should be cheap and durable) to make storage shelves in the loft. And where can i get it cheaper ?

2. Since i am paneling the loft do i need to leave breathing space between joists and the loft panels.

3. Is it a good idea to buy the timber and make your own shelving unit or get it ready made.

All your responses will be helpful as this will be my fists project.

Tomkin :)
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heeelllooo and welcome 7omkin :D :D :D

lofts in general are only sutable for light storage

assuming your joists are around 4x2" 16" centres and a span around 12ft theres not much scope for storing much weight up there

unless you have a solid wall to affix to
Thanks for the reply big-all and a very warm welcome :)

I think i need to do more homework before i ask more questions on this.

I am leaning towards ruling out shelving units because of possible bad weight distribution.

Let us assume your assumptions are right :) would I need to strengthen the span between joists to support and nail the loft panels ?
I don't completely understand your last sentence, but strengthening the loft floor to take more weight will be a tricky and expensive job.

why not just spread your boxes around the floor to spread the weight. depending on the age and construction of the house you may find that some of the internal walls will be supporting it. these will then be stronger spots for heavier items.

or as said - screw shelves to any brick walls you have up there.
B&Q pre packed shelves and shelving units are about as cheap
as the wood. IKEA's are cheaper and better i think.

if you want long functional shelves on the wall, get your timber merchant (or B&Q if they've already put them out of business in your area) to cut rips of plywood or what you fancy. these can be fixed with the metal L brackets that are ugly but cheap and strong.
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and some other helpful posts also removed.
but seeing as how the OP seems to have disappeared no worries i suppose.
Admin, where were the advertisements - unless you are including people following links through the profiles and commenting upon those links?

To my knowledge, with the exception of one person who recommended using a supplier which they may have had ties to, sqouwse's and my "conversation" related to the use of pitch pine, which was relevant given that lofts are sometimes moist areas. Shame on your paranoia.

You should, by your reasoning, also remove ALL references to any manufacturer and suppliers, which will make this site vague and unable to function fully since specifications and suppliers cannot be named.

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