whirlpool dishwasher

3 Jun 2007
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United Kingdom
Someone please help me a have had a new whirlpool dishwasher for 6months now but have just started playing up. its the one with the buttons on the top edge of the door think it may be a (G2P DWI) but cant be sure.
When i just put the dishwasher on rinse cycle it runs for about 45 seconds and then stops and beeps at me continuously. When i put it on normal wash it does the wash cycle until its ready to rinse and then it beeps at me again continuously.
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The start light will be flashing a code. Count the flashes between pauses.
it does 6 flashes and then pauses and keeps repeating this, whilsts its beeping.
Normal cause is a bad connection at the flowmeter.
Left hand panel off, at the bottom front, unplug the flowmeter and plug it back on. try the machine again
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Thank you very much for your help. If it doesn't work what would be my next thing to look at?
You'd be looking at the water indicator being blocked or faulty and problems with the inlet hose or valve.
I tried to disconnect the flow meter and re-connect but it hasn't seemed to work. i counted the flashes between the pauses and it is actually 7 flashes and then a pause whilst beeping continuously. could you help me. i have checked the inlet hose and it isn't blocked.
just moved in to the house and was told it was six months old but they didn't leave any information about it or any insurance or guarantee with us.
post the serial number here. 2nd 12 digit number on the side of the door.

Remove the filters and use an old toothbrush and hot water to clean the black grid under the filters. Also check the water inlet hose isn't kinked or the valve shut off.
serial number = 33 0608 001555
The hose isn't kinked and water is on. when you say filter do you mean the one in the bottom of the dishwasher under the bottom shelf?
Your machine is just over 1 year old from build date so no warranty without a receipt.

The filters are under the bottom basket.
Tried to clean the filters ect but didn't work. When i turn the machine on it sound like there is no water getting through, but have checked the hose isn't kinked and water is on or that there is any visible blockages to the hose.
You've probably done all you can without starting to change parts. Due to the complexity of these machines and the high cost of parts it's probably more cost effective to pay for a professional to come in and quote for repair.

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