Why are we planning to weaken our data laws?

And the Tory party virtual conference crashes.

How many IT F Ups does this party have?

A glitch meant that todays whopping 12k plus positive tests were not released at 4pm but 9pm.

Yet they want us to trust them to spend £100bn on operation Moonshot.

Reminds me of the late great Bill Hicks. When will these people wake and realise they are being Phucked!

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Party conferences aka a gathering of Bell ***s
Who cares apart from party members

Jeez us wept I would rather watch paint dry than listen to a party conference
Mind u labour conferences are historically more interesting

They have descent in the ranks

Party conferences in the 80s or late 70's

Militant tendency on the rise caused a bit of may hem at a conference eric heffer walked out when kinnock critisied em

Than there was that conference were some old boy party member of over 40 years was forcibly slung out the conference by security guard.s.for heckling Jack straw


Party policy voted on by unions with there block votes :LOL:
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The green party conference a gathering of fruit cakes who knit jumpers during the conference

They generally have to leave for the conference weeks before it starts as they either walk or turn up on push bikes :LOL:
The Liberal Confetence

What can u say :confused: they spend most of the time scratch g there arris's asking where did it all go wrong :LOL:
Tory Conference :LOL:

Bunch of old duffers asleep :LOL: more cardiac emergency devices at a tory conference than any other

Mortality rate is probably high

Special toilets to cater for the incontinent :LOL:
Depends how you are querying the data and what you're counting as a query. Half a billion isn't that many queries for anything with a computer involved. Indexes help you avoid table scans and improve throughput and reduce latency, but to reduce the number of queries then you need to structure your SQL better.

FWIW CRUD doesn't even restrict you to a relational database. They're fundamental operations that you perform on any data. Relational database, data lake or text file, it's all CRUD when you get down to the details.

79 Million records is pretty small, assuming they are just simple text data, but of there's video material (possible but unlikely) then it might require a very large laptop.

Schengen information system II contains photos and fingerprints.

It can perform biometric matching
Dunno about any far right conferences they probably don't have any

How would members get to the conference

Most are that thick they can't read :LOL:
They had or have some large Islamic gathering down this way Ounce a year

Signs up saying????? This way with directions

Some a hole clipped stickers on the signs saying

Taliban training this way :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
For those who don't work in IT CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, Delete.. more commonly known as a relational database system. The article on the illegal copying doesn't make a lot of sense when you read the document describing the system architecture (i.e. distributed Oracle Database). It would appear to have been authorised use. The copy being held by the IT contractors might not have been though..

anyway its the same old data being spouted 79.5m alert records (small enough ro fit on a laptop) with 30 countries having access for around 5 years. The half a billion queries seems a bit odd, perhaps one of the resident DIYnot IT experts can advise them where the missing index is needed.

Gosh since you know so much than UK security and Police, you had better tell them how much time they've wasted accessing a system you know to be pointless.

I can't understand why the UK police don't use the fantastic e- borders system that it spent £800 million on.
It would be a bit silly to assume its hard just because you find it so.

They seem to have plenty of customers who've done it.
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