windows xp crashed

19 Aug 2005
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United Kingdom
pc crashed yesteday and I had to use the recovery cd , then reinstall everything , but now I cant use windows update , I cant install ie8 and when you tell the pc to shut down it just hangs !!!!! , I dont want to format the hdd and then reinstall as the wife has loads of music on the pc she hasnt got anywhere else . Any help greatly appreciated before I chuck it out the window
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If your data is valuable is it worth the £30 it costs to get a 2nd hdd to install XP on? Then use the original hdd as a mounted volume and transfer all your data across to the new one.
You could also buy an external hdd caddy (less than £10) to put your original hdd in. This is then usb attachable (and also portable now :) )
If i do this and format a new drive then reinstall windows onto it will this cure all my administrator rights and let me use windows update and install ie 8???
A straight reinstall should have done that anyway, so it seems that your reinstall has gone wrong. And since you need the data on it, you cannot just reformat it from scratch.
So my initial advice still stands. However, you could also burn your important data to dvd's etc to avoid shelling out for a new hdd, then reformat.
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I didnt do a reinstall , I used the recovery option but I think I will have to do as you say and move all the files I want onto a seperate hard drive.
when you switch on press F11 then restore back to a previous date.
this will get you going again,
but you will lose the few days since last time your computer backed up
That's an option that doesn't always work. However to add to kevin's post, you WILL NOT lose any data if you try the 'sytem restore'. It only winds back operating system/registery files etc. So if you'd installed something recently and you restore back to before the install, it will no longer be installed. However all emails and data will be unaffected.

So you have nothing to lose in trying this.
Cant do a system restore it wont work , several things wont work , ie system tools has dissapeared along with disc clean up , disc defrag etc
Is your 'recovery CD' a proper Windows installation disc? Or is it one of the many varieties of cobbled-together image/restore discs used by some companies?

Also, when you start the PC now you have reinstalled, are you getting a different loading screen to what you had before? In particular, do you get the option to start more than one windows xp?

I ask because a 'Repair Install' might work, as might 'sfc /scannow'. But it is important to know what you have available to restore from, and where you are now. Your comment about 'administrator rights' is worrying...

But absolutely, as everyone else has said, back it all up, or you might end up feeling very sorry for yourself...
It is a made disc that the pc prompted me to make when I first got it , I made a recovery tools cd and 7 backup cds, the hdd also has a recovery partition on it , the pc is a hp pavilion which is about 4 yrs old and didnt get supplied with any windows disc , but it it an original version of windows with the cirtificate .
That's not especially good news. It limits your options somewhat...

Knowing that it is a HP Pavilion is useful - at least we can make an attempt to understand what the recovery tools you have actually are. I don't want to advise anything immediately until I understand how this works.

It sounds as if you have attempted a system recovery and ended up with a semi-functioning system with faults. I'm not sure how best to proceed without a Windows installation disc.

If you have any way of backing up the music files and anything else you need, you should go for it. But hold on a bit for more advice before doing much else...

Note of caution: The recovery method HP has given you may make installing onto a new HDD, and then rescuing data from the old one problematic. But you may be able to copy to a pen drive, or external drive, or a new HDD, if you then reinstall on the old one, over-writing everything. I blimmin' hate it when companies do this sort of stuff. Why they can't just give out a proper installation disc is beyond me - they only cost pennies to make...
mmm If you Windows install is screwed up then what better time to install Ubuntu Linux.

It's free.
You won't be a target for bad hackers.
It is robust and so much faster
It is graphicall driven.
Install and configure is so much smoother.
No regular masisve security updates.
Runs Openoffice (free) fully interchangeable with MSOffice docs.
Doesn't screw up.
More efficient of services
Just so good.
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