Wipers on 03 Micra will not switch off

15 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
Please can anyone offer any help or advice as this is driving me mad!! :mad: :mad:
This last week my 2003 Nissan Micra SE 1.4 had developed this annoying fault where the wipers will not switch off unless you either swith the engine off or for some reason switching your indicators on seems to override them. It takes a couple of flashes of the indicator before it stops the wipers, but once stopped the wipers will work fine, and then as soon as the indicator switches off the wipers return to their annoying status again of driving me mad! Any help with this would be very much appreciated.
Thanks Hx :D
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Sorry, this isn't a solution, its just to say my wife has the same problem with her 2003 1.2l SX Micra. If its been dry for some time the wipers don't come on, but if there's any moisture around she can't stop them, even by switching to OFF. But they stop when the indicators are on. Infuriating!
i would hazard a guess the wiper arm is on the same stick as the indicators,, ie: the button you press or arm you move to make either of them work.

if so it would seem a short cicuit on the control stick pos ?
Fraid not, Richard. The indicators are on the left hand stalk, and the screen wiper is on the right.
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lol,, that would have been too easy. doh,,

ok, what i would start to look at is the wiper relay. would be reasonable to assume that it may be stuck shut, if so wipers will always be on, then when you turn ignition off it would kill power turning them off parking them wherever they were when power was cut,, that fact the indicator affects is i am unsure at this point as i dont have a wiring diagram but perhaps the cicuits are linked somewhere?

i would check to see if relay is stuck shut, if your not sure how to or dont have a meter, it is cheap enough to buy and easy to replace...
My wifes micra is doing the same thing. It seems to be a very common problem but I have not found a solution yet.

It is a complicated setup.

Basically, the stalk is connected to the body computer, which senses the switch has been turned. It sends a signal via the can bus to the Inteligent power distribution module (IPDM) (under left headlight). This is what actually turns the wipers on. When on intermittent the IPDM sends a signal back to the body computer when the wipers have reached 0 position. The body computer then sends a signal back to the IPDM to stop the wipers. A new command is sent to the IPDM when the next cycle starts.

I have not figured out if the fault is with the IPDM or body computer. I suspect it is the IPDM though.

Getting the fault codes read may point to the culprit.

If you want a quick fix, cut the black wire where it goes into wiper motor and put a switch in it. This will stop the wipers. I have a house light switch wired under the dash now for this purpose so when they start, I can switch them off permenantly.
Check the fuse box.The fuse for the wipers should be marked.Remove it after the car is off and the wipers are in the down position.....next, a good shop, you can trust to pull the steering collum apart to address the real issue.
Hope this will help you!! :)
Did anyone find a solution to this as my Micra has developed the same fault? Wipers permanently on no matter what position the wiper switch is in(even with the fuse removed).
The car is being looked at by a garage in a couple of days but I am hoping that someone has identified what the actual fault is and could give an update in this thread.
Hi same problem when new cam belt fitted ,only stops when indicators switched on.Seems crazy but slam your boot door down hard and cures it. Hope this is successful for others . My Proof ,closed boot gently afterwards wipers carried on as before ,only brute force and ignorance seem to work .Good Luck.Now can any one tell me how to stop airbag light flashing please?

Make sure the wiper motor is working correctly, as some controllers depend on a signal back from the motor to switch off at the bottom of the screen.

Best to get fault codes read or ask your local Nissan dealer/technician

.Now can any one tell me how to stop airbag light flashing please?


Wires under front seats disconnected due to seat being moved or cleaning under seat with Hoover. Or bottle of pop in the back foot well.

Yes my girlfriends car has a similar problem. When the front washers are activated the wipers take over 30 seconds to stop their cycle with the engine running. With the engine off but ignition on they're fine. Tried the indicator and boot slamming thing and they've not made any difference. Someone on another forum said the disconnecting the BCM which is under the top of the dash on the passenger side for half an hour and disconnecting the battery re-sets it. Anyone tried this?
You mean you were on another forum?

Only joking, yes that resets most modules. Not tried it on a Micra yet.

Sounds as though it cant cope with the 15volts coming out of the alternator. Instead of the 12Volts from the battery.

Its not blowing bulbs at an alarming rate is it?
It's been a while since anyone posted to this question but does anyone have a solution to this?

I've got the same problem.

1) Wipers come on when switch is in the off position*.

2) They behave normally when the ignition is in the 'on' position but the engine not started.

3) They stop wiping when the indicator is used (right or left) but then re-start when the signal is cancelled. (hazard switch doesn't appear to have the same effect i.e. doesn't stop wipers when it's on)

Unfortunately it's not a permanent fault - I took it to my regular garage and it wouldn't do it. Got the car back home and tried it later that afternoon and it did it again



* it has a rain sensor and the wipers can (sometimes) be started by pouring water over the windcreen - even with them turned off.
easy fix. the problem is the washer pump shorting out. take off the nearside hedlamp, disconnect the plug from the washer pump (this has now stopped the problem) and pull out the pump from the bottle. put the pump on a radiator overnight, before re-fitting fill up the socket with vaseline and ram the plug into it so that it squirts out from every direction. this stops more water getting in. why does nissan put the electrics in such a vulnerable position anyway.
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