Wired alarm replacement by Hybrid System

29 Jun 2012
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United Kingdom

In process of helping my brother replace a wired alarm with a hybrid system and got a few questions.

Basically we going to leave where wired the PIR's there and have system if we want to add more or have we can add wireless ones

Requirements are

1) If alarm sounds either call or text alert
2) Be able to monitor / set or unset remotely from a phone say via text or app

It's quite an old alarm we fitted it when we were young now i'm in my 40's :). It's not been active for years. Idea was to use wiring already in place where possible.

Should we

1) Replace PIR's we not sure on quality or if technology improved which i would expect to have done.

2) External Sounder is wired so make sense to replace with another wired. Could we do a wired sounder at front and on back add wireless or do alarm systems only allow 1 sounder.

3) If wire is short can we just add a joiner of some sort to extend a little this would be a hidden location, we never left much slack in some areas wires a bit stretched

Based on requirements i'm not sure if go honeywell, texecom or another. I'm sure that the like which phone question i.e ios, android or windows as they all do same thing but in different ways

All comments and guidance welcome. Budget not a major issue, lets say under 1000
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Write a full list of what you want it to be able to do and what you may want it to do in the future.

How many hard wired devices are there, and how many wires going to the devices?

if you have a continuity tester you can test the wires to make sure they are still okay to use.

If you are doing this yourself there are many systems you can use for that budget.

Elite Ricochet panels/ panels with ricochet expanders can do the job with gsm modules and ip modules but Texecom is not the cheapest kit.

Some wireless systems will allow hard wired and wireless bells, Texcom Elite panels wil do this but the wireless bells take up a zone slot.
What is there at moment

1) 4 Wired Pir's
2) 1 Door Contact
3) 2 Wired Keypads
4) Wired External Sounded

Technically only 2 zones of upstairs and downstairs but as we were novices i think we set each PIR in it's own zone

If i recall correctly the wires are 6 core and we use 2 for Alarm, 2 for Tamper and 2 for Volts

Not sure if thats best setup or not

New System

A) Use or replace the Wired PIR's only because wires already there and replace with wireless if the wire is no good
B) To protect Patio add a Wireless Shock detection
C) add a wireless PIR to Garage
D) Wired Bell if possible but option of wireless in case wire in no good

Want minimum ability of

1) Being Notified when alarm has been set off
2) Ability to set or unset alarm remotely maybe via an app
3) Ideally future maybe have a Dialler as well as other form of notification i.e in case one is down other works. Think Galaxy Flex allows like GSM and PSTN or IP

The more that can be housed in the actual control Panel the better

In all systems i've looked the GSM seems to add fair amount of money but if i'm right in thinking without something remote monitoring / setting won't work

Been looking like at Premier Elite 24-W Kit

I'm confused as each manufacturer as like multiple system which do similar things like Galaxy Flex the Galaxy Dimension all sound and do similar things
Alas its true that many manufacutures have lots of different systems with similar features.

If the wires are good you can use them for most systems without any worries.

With the Elite panel - W range theres 4 on board zones and 2 zones available on the back of the keypad. (the live panels with the keypads built in do not have the two zones available on the back of the built in keypad).

It also has wireless capability on the panel and comes in a plastic box.

The Elite panels range you can add wireless expanders to, many wholesalers sell various kits and a kit is usually the cheapest way to buy what you need.

You want a wireless DT in the garage ideally.

You need to check that the cables are good before you attempt to write them off.

Your currently alarm if it was working could use a dialler to notify someone if the alarm has been acivated and you could add wireless devices to it using an interface like the ricochet expansion pack etc.

You could probably get someone to install your system with those features, within your budget.

Not allowed to plug business on here but where abouts are you based?
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The different systems from each manufacturer offer different levels/amounts of capability from features to the number of zones covered.

For remote connection and app based control, you can use either GSM or IP module. Both have their own merits. IP is lower cost longer term, as GSM requires SIM cards with associated costs. IP can have regular path checking testing by a third party service. GSM offers no reliance on a line or broadband, but can be jammed.

If you pick something like the Galaxy G2 series panel, you can add an RF portal at a later date. You can add a low cost IP module to the panel and this will enable apps and remote monitoring. A G2-12 panel, 2 keyrox keypads and low cost IP module will cost around £160. You can add an RF portal at a later date. It will cost around £40, but can convert any of the zones to wireless.

The Flex panels have more functions/zones and the Dimension more again. You pay more for those.
I'm in Greater Manchester

I've looked at kits and most drop in wireless PIR

Can you use any PIR with any system ie if texecom don't have Wired PIR then I use another ?

I do like to research a lot before I commit usually money less issue the a reliable future proof and sleek system or whatever it is I'm purchasing

Also I'm unsure which suppliers are reliable as loads sell same kits. Might read a lot more previous posts on forum to work that out
Yes, all wired PIR's are generally 12V with a clean set of switched sensor and tamper outputs. The wireless PIR's are specific to each manufacturer. Check out Ebay shop prices as these are a good indication of a realistic price.

As far as web based e-tailers, I use securitywarehouse.co.uk as they are about the cheapest web store.

I am not affiliated with securitywarehouse - I just use them from time to time. Ebay is the cheapest though.
I am sure everyone can tell you horror stories about suppliers.

You only ever find out how good they are when you have a problem, and trade returns are different to retail returns. Also they don't always know what they are selling so may end of with the wrong kit if you ask their advice.

Some suppliers will only supply to trade.

In general end users buying kit the issue is support, this is usually only available from manufacturers to installers.

I am based in Oldham, but Greater Manchester is a big place, but we always say Lancashire.

If you get a list of items together you can always post on here to see if there's any likely issues.

Wireless devices in general are specific to manufactures panels unless you have some kind of hard wired interface, example being ricochet expansion pack can use ricochet devices on any alarm panel but there are limitations.

OK i'll do a list but just looking at PIR's what is difference between dual tech and quad tech and if prices similar is it still best sticking to Dual

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