Enforcer V10 - Is it a Wired/Wireless Hybrid?

26 Mar 2011
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United Kingdom
Moving house and looking for an alarm with Smart-ish, option. I currently have a G2-20 with LCE-04 and SM-Alarm addon which is sufficient.

However, going forward, I'm contemplating the Enforcer V10. Is it a hybrid solution, offering Wired and Wireless zones? It mentions 32 zones and I've seen talk of wiring Sounders in etc, so I am guessing so, but I just want to be sure.

I'm a fan of wired where possible and wireless only when desperate.

Would probably upgrade the DIGI-WIFI to DIGI-LAN also.
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It has two wired zones onboard, can be expanded by another 32 wired zones with the use of ZEM expanders. If you're going down this route, I'd recommend going with a Euro 46 panel (8 wired zones onboard) and a ZEM32-WE to add wireless detectors to it. You can get a much bigger standby battery in the 46. The battery in the Enforcer is fine for wireless only but pushing it a little when you start adding wired stuff, unless you go down the route of additional power supplies (why bother?)

The G2-20 will also take an RF Portal to give you a mix of up to 20 wired/wireless zones. Might be easier if you're used to the programming structure/monitoring setup etc.
Ive currently got the G2 with RF. Its fine, but it feels like it was literally "just" before the smart boom. I'm almost looking for the same kind of hybrid setup as the G2-20 with RF & LCE04 (and SM-Alarm sub), but with something that has better "smart capabilities" - which is how I stumbled across the Enforcer V10.

Your suggestion to use the Euro46 + ZEM32-WE + DIGI-LAN looks to be very similar to my current G2-20 "hybrid". But with the added benefit of the Pyronix having the HomeControl+ app I'm after.
I assume the panels can work without PyronixCloud etc, which I presume is just a service for those less technical/without a static IP/system maintained by an installer... It is important the solution I go with does not depend on servers/services being supported/kept alive by suppliers/manufacturers.
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Yeah, the G2 is over 10 years old now and hasn't received much attention from Honeywell since.

Hybrid wired/wireless, definitely go for the Euro 46 over the Enforcer. It's the same programming menu and same app on both panels. The panels will function without the cloud, but I'm pretty sure that the HomeControl app or anything relating to notifications/remote control etc, won't work without a subscription to the Pyronix Cloud service.

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