Wireless phone extensions, Broadband and Sky Plus

23 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi Guys

My question has a few parts so I'll try to be a clear as possible.

I am having an extension built and as a result, need two new telephone extensions, both of which are required for Sky Plus boxes. Wired extensions would require a massive amount of work, lifting floors, cutting hatches etc in order to run cables and a lot of extra expense and upheaval.

I am aware of the wireless extensions that can be bought from Maplins etc. but have also read conflicting information regarding whether these are reliable with Sky Plus.

The other issue is that I have a wireless router connected to the master BT socket (through an microfilter) for my broadband connection.

Basically, can anyone offer reliable advice as to whether the wireless extensions are OK with Sky Plus boxes and, if they are OK, whether it will affect my broadband connection.

Obviously, I plan to input all Sky and telephone connections into the phone side of the microfilter, hence separating all telephone services from the broadband connection
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The wireless devices work and dont work and work and dont work and work an dont work and work and dont work.

I know you have said you will suffer alot of upheaval, but......

When your sparky comes to do the wiring, he is likely to cause a little upheaval, and is going to need to gain come access to the house wiring etc in places. He may even have to install main protective bonding too, which is likley to involve work in the house.

I would always look for a hard wired solution.

I would also get a master NTE5a fixed faceplate filter. Wire the extensions permenantly to the rear of this. Your ADSL is then plugged into the front directly. No need for a trailing filter.
Thanks for that advice.

Does the faceplate filter simply replace the standard faceplate (with terminals for extensions to be hard wired)

I'm working on solutions in terms of running cables and can probably get it sorted by running from the master socket through the garage etc...

In one of the new rooms, I could get reasonable access to the required location if I extend the run from an existing extension. i.e there is an existing extension in the upstairs bedroom. I could take a further extension from this point and run it to the new location via the new roofspace. Kind of like a spur I suppose. Would this be technically OK. (The bedroom extension is unused as we have a DECT system for telephones)
Does the faceplate filter simply replace the standard faceplate (with terminals for extensions to be hard wired)

Yes, Pressac make two versions-if your modem/router plugs into an extension(NOT the master socket) then you need the 6 way version, if you are plugging your ADSL equipment into themaster socket then you can use the 3 way version.
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What you suggest sounds fine (taking a 'spur').

As your router is connected to the master socket, just the basic faceplate filter is required. The type with the unfiltered terminals need to be used in conjunction with RJ11 extension wiring really.

This is what you want....



Many companies do them.
i have the one for all extensions for sky plus,it says its connected but i cannot dial out for the interactive service which i dont use anyway.i also have the one for all on my hd box and that works a treat, as for my sky broadband wireless router it does not make a difference as i have a splitter.
I expect his extension has long been finished, and he has learnt his lesson on cost cutting.

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