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Wireless Wall Switch?

Discussion in 'Electrics UK' started by bigalxyz, 25 Mar 2021.

  1. bigalxyz


    26 Mar 2016
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    United Kingdom
    In my flat I have a long hallway which has little LED ceiling lights. These are controlled by 3 conventional 2 way wall switches - all the lights are on the same circuit and come on at the same time.

    I'd like to add a 4th wall switch in a particular spot at the end of the hallway. I checked out the wiring and I don't think it's a job I'd like to do myself, so I'd need to ask an electrician to do it, which could get quite expensive (running cables behind walls, above the ceiling, etc.). However I see that there are now wireless wall switches, and I wondered if that might give me a quicker/cheaper way to do it. The choice is bewildering though (eg. I looked on amazon), and I don't really understand how they work. Can anyone give me any pointers please? eg. a particular switch that I could use, something that's easy to wire up, etc.?

    Thank you.
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  3. ericmark


    27 Jan 2008
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    Llanfair Caereinion, Nr Welshpool
    United Kingdom
    At the moment your will likely have two x two way switches and an intermediate switch, to swap these to electronic switches depends on how wired, with this two-way-plus-inter.jpg wiring in theory the intermediate switch does not require the 'com' wire, in practice normally the 'com' wire will pass through the intermediate switch which is good, but that 'com' wire at the moment carries 230 volt, and with electronic switches it only carries a extra low signal to tell other switches what to do. On an electronic switch you don't have a 'com' you have an 'S' for signal.

    Some electronic switches need a neutral, and to be frank if there is a neutral at the switch the type that needs a neutral seem to work better, I have used electronic switches, I used Energenie, I do not rate them very high, as you need a hub and they have required re-booting i.e. turn mains off/on I think it was Nest Mini that caused the problem. Likely the MK quinetic switch is what you want, to simply add another switch, the Energenie connects to internet.

    However a quick look at the controller instruction sheet and the switch instruction sheet it is not a like for like swap.

    The problem is once anyone selects a system which needs a hub or app, then they want to keep to that system, in my case the hub and app controls central heating, air conditioning, bedroom lights, outside lights and battery charging. So few people can compare, as once we buy the first device we are locked into that system, it costs too much to migrate. I started with central heating, and got the sockets and light switches as all used the same hub.

    I have tried switching lights with Nest Mini, switches them off, but not had much luck switching them on again, my son says Alexa works well, however he was the one who got me to go for Nest Gen 3 which works with Energenie I was told but found the support had been withdrawn, so there is no link between wall thermostat and TRV heads, and all on same system as lights.

    So can you trust reports, although I am not keen on Energenie I still use it, it does work, LightWave seems to get good reports, Sonoff is much cheaper, and £40 for a switch is not cheap, and if you need 3 switches then getting close to what it would cost for hard wiring. I used remote controls, in mothers house had 3, one by each door to outside and one in my bedroom, no two way switching, just remote controls. The remotes cost £15 and limited to three paired to a switch with Energenie, did not need hub to use remotes.

    I can tell you all about energenie, but the rest not used, I have every intention to get some Sonoff units to work outside lights, but still on my todo list.
  4. Old Salt

    Old Salt

    31 Mar 2020
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    United Kingdom
    I have one made by Quinetic controlling a security light. Works great but then again mine was fitted by an electrician.

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