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30 Mar 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi All,

I've got cat 6 ethernet sockets dotted around the house and am now ready to connect these up to my patch panel and then to the switch using a patch cable.

I thought I would run a brief test before I get into all of it. It's not working :(

I am following the B standard and have punched down cables into the patch panel and the ethernet socket. When I pug a ethernet cable between the laptop and the socket, there is no signal. If I plug the ethernet cable between the laptop and and the switch - all is fine.

This suggests an issue with the wiring at the socket or patch panel. I've double-punched all cables.

I would welcome any suggestions


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Check that the IDCs have been properly punched down. These three do not look as they are fully punched down

idc fail.jpg

I think that X marks the place where the cable can be fixed by a cable tie
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Thanks for the prompt response @bernardgreen.
I've punched them down again but no joy. I re-punched the patch panel again too.

Does the wring config look okay on both sides?

Look forward to your suggestions?


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I'm afraid they don't look 'punched' to me, more like pushed in with a screwdriver; or a punchtool of the plastic variety that has been used too much. That does not work, most of the time, sorry if I have got that wrong.

Seen it many times when subbies have not got the correct equipment to do the job correctly
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Get yourself a cheap tester. Simple device, two boxes with LEDs. You connect one (via short patch lead) to your socket, the other (again via a short patch lead) to the patch panel. If all LEDs flash in order then the wiring is fine. If a LED doesn't flash the connection to that lead is faulty, if LEDs flash out of order then you have wires crossed. You don't need an expensive unit, try something like https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Network-...116388&hash=item284a4e854f:g:PaYAAOSw~otWgiRq
Only £1.89 + 60p P&P. Or you could get something like https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RJ45-Eth...640259&hash=item5202737f79:g:L~QAAOSwXMZaWJNl
Full set of tools for £11.99
One thing you should spend some decent money on is a good quality punch down tool. The cheap ones just don't do the job.
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If you are using a Krone style tool then that could well be the problem. Patch panels normally need a '110' punch down tool.

The actual wires in photo 3 are way too long and the bottom row the wrong way. Cat5 and Cat6 cables are twisted pairs and the twists should continue to as close to the connectors as is possible with the wires going from the inner channel and fanning outwards in the same way as you seem to have wired the actual jacks. The brown, for example, could have retained more of the twists.

You have gone for Cat6 probably with the idea of higher potential speeds however leaving so much of the twisted pairs untwisted will have the opposite result.
Have you tried another Ethernet lead ? If you tried it with a crossover lead it wouldn't work BUT If you use a crossover lead with a switch it normally will work
Hi all,

I remove the wires and punched down again. Bingo! All works.
I am using a decent punch down tool and definitely not the cheap plastic one.

I've now re-wired the patch panel with around 3cm of the cable cut and the wires are then punched in. This means that there isn't much cable left open and hence the untwisted cables shouldn't be an issue im hoping?
Here's a picture accompanying the above post. I wanted to check that I am not compromising CAT 6 performance by the way I have wired these in. Thanks for your help.


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Personally I would have left more of the wires twisted until last possible point. Will try to get image, and upload, of mine later.
Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on whether my cables were acceptable and wont compromise performance or if I should rewire with more twists in them? Thanks for your help.
An inch or so of un-twist will not have any significant effect on data transfer or video. You should anchor the cable where it enters the patch panel or socket to prevent cable movement affecting the IDC connections.
Thanks @bernardgreen. Here's a pic of my wiring. I have used cable ties and was just wanting a second opinion on the untwisted cables as I've deliberately kept them short.


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Can anyone verify the above please as I want to know if I should do these again. Thanks in advance

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