Woodburner, Flue system, completion certificate without HETAS

20 Dec 2019
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United Kingdom
Hi, I've installed my own woodburner and twin-wall flue after much research, smoke tested it and all is running great. It was shown on the plans for a 2 story extension which had full-plans approval, although there was no detail shown, just the outline shapes of the flue and stove, and no text.

When the BCO came for his final inspection I pointed out the stove in the corner and asked him to certify it. He had a cursory look round, and said it would be ok if I filled in form J and sent it in, there would be no need to for him to return. Soon after I got the Certificate of Completion for the "side extension to dwelling". Spoke to the admin lady on the phone, she said that's all I need, does that sound like enough or should I have a specific stove certificate? Most people seem to go down the HETAS installer route.
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I wouldve thought building control would want to see a copy of a HETAS certificate before they issued the final building regulation certificate.

From doc J

"Where work is carried out by a person registered
with a competent person scheme, regulation
20 of the Building Regulations and regulation
20(1) of the Building (Approved Inspectors etc.)
Regulations 2010 require that the occupier of
the building be given, within 30 days of the
completion of the work, a certificate confirming
that the work complies with all applicable
Building Regulation requirements. There is a also
requirement that the BCB be given a notice that
this has been done, or a copy of the certificate,
again within 30 days of the completion of the
work. These certificates and notices are usually
made available through the scheme operator."
Hi Notch7 and thanks for your interest and input. Copying from HETAS's own website (FAQs)...

" It is a legal requirement that either a registrant of a Competent Person self-certification scheme is used (and notifies the work via their scheme to the Local Authority); or a Building Notice is applied for from your Local Authority Building Control Dep’t prior to installation (there is a Building Control fee for their service). We strongly recommend the installation is carried out be a HETAS registered installer to ensure the installation is safe and complies with relevant Building Regulations and Standards. The certificate of compliance will be needed if or when you move home."

So there is a choice of routes to follow. I'm just wondering if the certificate of completion I hold will be sufficient on sale of house.
Same as Fensa and electrics. There is the option to get BC to sign off. AIUI it's their decision as to whether they are happy to do this or want third party involved. I would say, if you pointed it out as part of the extension and the extension as a whole is signed off, the stove is also signed off.
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I believe the building control fee for certifying a non HETAS solid fuel install is around £600!!
I'd be asking that lady for a quick email to confirm it's included then thanking my lucky stars.
I installed a woodburner in a new build earlier this year which BC signed off. The house was sold about a month ago and the only thing that caused any problems was the solar panels were not going to get the feed in tariff. That ceased to be a problem when the buyers solicitors were told we would remove them:rolleyes:
How did you close the opening between the flue and inside of the chimney?
I believe the building control fee for certifying a non HETAS solid fuel install is around £600!!
I'd be asking that lady for a quick email to confirm it's included then thanking my lucky stars.

Crikey prices have risen! Cost me £70 something when I put a liner down my chimney and fitted stove 10 years ago to get building control to sign it off.

Inspector visited twice - first time less than a minute on site to see there was a liner fitted before stove was connected, then second time once stove was fitted for maybe 1 1/2 minutes.... Hardly the most thorough inspection!
mrusty: thanks, That is how I understood it too, glad of the confirmation.

cdbe : I think the written confirmation is the key, something in writing for when we sell, I'll email her.

ajstoneservices: A good tip. Any problems we could threaten to rip out the burner and plug the flue!

Ian H: I ran insulated stainless steel twinwall through the wall and up the outside another 5m. No existing chimney present.

Reds42: My BCO charges out at £50 per hour plus an admin fee, so I wouldn't have expected the bill to have been much over £100.
but as cdbe points out by including the stove on the full-plans for the house (£500 ish to BCO) I have effectively got the stove approved for free. Could be a good tip for anyone planning a similar project.

Many thanks to all who replied, hopefully the email will do the trick, I'll post back here if not.

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