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Finally had a local chap out last night to quote me on new central heating system, just wondered if anyone had any opinions on the boiler he specified:

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25 HE Condensing Combi

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It's huge, and very complicated to operate with the LCD panel, but it's a very good boiler if you A - have the room and B - need the full capacity.
As ollski says, it's HUGE!!! I hope you have a good excuse for having it. When it comes to oil, there's little advantage in a condensing boiler, and they have problems of their own, and the economics are questionable. If you need a boiler that large, and it's a combi, there is something that doesen't add up, how big is your house?.

If I had to pick a condenser, I'd look at the Grant Vortex.
The Greenstar is a badged Geminox from the continent.

If you need technical help from Worcester, you will wait a long time in a queue.
My house is only a 2 and a half bed semi.........not particularly big....it was just the one he recommended......is it an overkill?
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Combis need to be sized for the hot water demand - despite its size (see others' comments) the HW performance of this boiler is not THAT good, according to the WB spec (10.2 litres / min with a 35 degree temp rise). Are you sure that's enough for you?
With a place that small, where is the boiler going to go? If it's inside, I'd look at wall mounted such as Heating World Grandee wall mount combi, or One of Boulter's models, or HRM. If it's floor mounted can it go somewhere other than the kitchen,? eg garage or even an outside model.

Beware of only one suggestion of which is the best boiler, it indicates someone might be getting a benefit from the supplier.
thanks for your replies guys.

I was planning to have it fitted in the airing cupboard where my existing copper tank is, the guy said he could flu it straight up through the loft and out the roof.

The Greenstar is physicaly a large boiler but the output is about avv for a combi at 25kw, the 25HE has "normal" timers and controlls its the HEplus that has the complicated txt display (very usefull when you get the hang of it)
Well is it oil or gas?

Haven't fitted one but I've been told gas Greenstars are noisy? ANy one to comment?
Noise is the hardest thing to judge, once you thik something is noisy you make a point of listening to it ,that makes it seem worse but i would say its about the same as most ,never had a customer complaine of noise on agreenstar other than a fault relateing to a definate noise that worcester fixed.
I have a gas Greenstar, system not combi, I'm delighted with it. No it's not noisy. The fan is audible but not objectionable although boiler is on kitchen wall, not in a cupboard. I have reduced max output to 80%, it was a bit noisier before.
I think its control system is excellent.
It is on the large side but I think all codensing boilers are aren't they?
Only real criticism I would make is that pipe layout underneath is not easy to keep tidy, the relief valve and the condensate pipe are badly positioned.
greenstar 25 he most basic con condensing boiler they make boiler is very large [size wise] easy access to all componets.if you are having it installed soon ask installer about28i jnr hot water delivery approx 1 lt less plus it will last a lot longer,lot less internals to go wrong heat exchanger will not end up in the condense trap :eek:
Basic ? ?. greenstar above 90% eficiant ,junior around 78%, ps never had trouble with the heat ex (aloy) on the greenstar the gemans etc have been useing it for years no problem
basic condensing model,bottom of the range,entry model rangeconsists of r25,r30.you then have r25/30/40he plus,so the r25 is the most basic model inthe range.the reason i suggested the28i jnr was the size of the boiler nothing to do with effiency,anyway the jnr will be more cost effective in the long run i believe due to the ali/silicone heat exchanger.the more reliable condensing boilers use stainless steel and cost more

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