Worcester Danesmoor 15/19 oil boiler with Danfoss BFP41L3 - ran out of oil

19 Apr 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi I have a Worcester danesmoor oil boiler 15/19 boiler with a Danfoss BFP41L3 oil pump. I ran out of oil and have just had a new delivery. As expected I still have lockout. I read how to bleed the danfoss but the part I needed to bleed I couldn't turn the allen key. I know I've tried to turn the right part because I followed a danfoss video on youtube. Is there any other way I can get my boiler to start? thanks in advance!
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Slacken off the flexible oil pipe that enters the pump, being certain to catch the drips.....that should be enough to get you going once you press the lockout switch.
John :)
Many thanks you for your reply. I have tried that but unfortunately no oil has come through.
Ok - is your oil tank higher than the burner? If it is, turn the tank valve off, undo the flexible pipe from the pump, turn the oil on at the tank and let it flow into a container until the air has gone.
Helper required! There is a tap near to the burner that you can use, but that one does tend to leak.
John :)
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It may also be that you have damaged the oil pump,but like boiler man says take off the flex and run oil into a container if no oil coes out you may have a blockage.Bob
Thanks again for the replies. The oil tank is higher than the boiler. However, the valve may be faulty at the oil tank, because when I turn it to try and turn it off it just keeps going round. I hope the pump isn't damaged because it's only a couple of months old.
Problem is when you run out of oil you're down to the bottom of the tank where the dregs are and dirt too,when you get filled all this is stired up and if you don't give it an hour or so then you drag
all the dirt through and into your pump and canget big problems.Bob
I did leave it more than an hour and no oil has come through, so I don't think the pump can be damaged. Thanks for your input.
That's an Atkinson Tankmaster.....turning the alloy wheel pulls a sluice and allows the oil to flow.
The wheel shouldn't freewheel in both directions.
The gauze filter is in the bowl underneath - which could be full of crap.
John :)
It freewheels to the right, but will turn to a stop to the left (open).
Was the valve closed when the tank was filled?
I'd be inclined to close the valve, and remove the filter bowl beneath.
Are there any more valves on the oil line.....maybe a fire valve where the pipe enters a building?
John :)
No the valve was open. As mentioned previously it just keeps turning when I try to close the valve. Therefore, I'm not sure it's really closed. No there aren't any more valves where the pipe enters the building.

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