Writing out a quote for painting work

If you worked T&M you would have subcontracted the scaffolding and made a margin on it, to cover your own insurance. You would then be properly covered. In your desire to be a fair and reasonable chap, you've undervalued your skills. It all depends how much work you've got lined up. If you are any good you will be busy, if you were a tiny bit better at business you'd be richer too.
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Seriously, NH, there is no positive outlook on this - you have given her control, and she is effectively running your business.

If you go over time, you will not get another cent. If the job goes well, she will jib you for a discount, even though she declined day work.

You need a margin. What happens if it starts to rain at lunchtime. ?

You will spend time arguing and chasing the bill. When you take into account expenses and non productive time, you would be better off with a week of temping in Aldi's

Is she still wanting you to sign for the scaffold?
I find it funny that people come on here and ask advice from tradesmen with many years of experience, whether it be the trade we do or running a business but they still don't take our advice.

We have been there and done it many times, most trades on here can tell a cowboy/nightmare customer from a mile off.

But hey ho what do we know? Let us know how you get on. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

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I think part of this is she knows I am not massively experienced and I am not a blagger, too honest. Of course I can do the job, it's a piece of cake painting and exterior walls I've worked with an experienced decorator. Just got to cover everything up really. But I said I've painted a few bungalows and houses and maybe this wasn't convincing enough. But maybe she'd be a problem for even an experienced guy- be awkward. Got to learn to come across more confident and not just promote myself with flyers. Get a sign for van.

She just called to say she's cancelling as she wasn't confident in my abilities to paint the chimney and hairline cracks. She's a nutter! How can you come across more confident to get this work? Also, when I explained the job was a piece of cake and her husband could have done it and I was helping her by pointing this out she thought I was just upset about not getting job and didn't even listen lol No helping some people. It also shows that this is all a game of sales and b@@sh@t. I didnt even pick up a brush but didnt get the job. It also shows that these idiots will pay more than they should to big firms because they are 'perceived' better at doing the job. How can i get a better image?

I think if one of these women says"you don't have lots of experience" say "no, I've been doing this for years" It's a lie, but if you're confident on the job it's just a white lie I guess. I haven't been saying this but think I should IF I am confident with the work.
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yeah lol. A bit like getting rejected by an ugly woman. Man she was a pain in arse. How do you come across more professional to these idiots though? I think she just had a black and white flyer- this isn't enough when they haven't seen your work with someone else. Gotta join checkatrade or internet site?
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