Zinsser Bullseye 123 peeling on ceiling; depressed

Indeed - scrape it all, or Mostly all. off . Takes ages ;) That`s why decs used to be on such low pay :cry: My Grandfather started as an apprentice in c. 1918 and told me ( sometime in the 70`s) that he had never earned more than £20 a week during his working life - But then the weekly rent of the house was never more than 15/- ;) 1cwt. of coal a week on the range - no bathroom - outside bog. 1 cold tap in the kitchen. Allright for a Country Life tho`.
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Years ago we used to artex loads of old distempered ceilings and found the best way was to thoroughly wash the ceiling with warm soapy water and then apply a stabilising primer before texturing. never had a problem with this method.
Wetting the distemper will only soften it and cause it to become even more unstable, you can however using copius amounts of warm water and a scraper remove the majority of it before applying the sealer.

Yet to wet the surface and then attempt to seal it it is sheer lunacy.


I'm not talking about wetting it with water you daft man!:rolleyes: I mean using a thinned down undercoat that will bind WITH the powdery coating rather than sitting on TOP of it. Just as a stabilising primer does (without the cost). :LOL:
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Have you ever heard of wet paint? Yes you are daft. :rolleyes:
Trouble is the thinned undercoat will just get absorbed by the extemly porous distemper and will just add to the problem when emusion is applied.
Learned this the hard way many yrs ago :(

Stabiliser primer has more penetrating qualities and slow drying so it will soak in thro to the plaster and dry from the plaster side outwards, and makes the distemper stable enough even for artexing.

Yeah. ICI haven't a clue.

I agree

You just aint doing it right. Undercoat works fine.
Quite a lively discussion !

Believe it or not I have been researching which paint to use on my ceiling for quite a while. Although I am not a seasoned decorator or DIYer.

There seem to be a few schools of thought which you could summarise as the solvent based or water based primer sealers which the blurb say are right for the job

The Zinsser Bullseye 123 is water based. It dries in an hour.I found quite difficult to apply with a roller; in hind site it probably would have gone on better, and less thickly if thinned with water. But the instructions said it did not require thinning

There is also a fair bit of sheen to the finish, prbably because its too thick.

What is gutting is that afterwards I tried a test spot of waterbased Supergrip (not recommended by Dulux, but by another member of DIYnot) and it has stuck loads better.
Zinsser is overpriced, over - hyped and unsuitable for your job.
Use stabiliser (thinned) and you wont need to get too much off.
Done it many times on pre 60's property.

Primers like 123 need to be thinned in some situations. not all, but thats the job of a Decci to decide what the on site substrate requires. Not the job of a Tech Author.

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