Zion and the Art of Armageddon

Norway released $114 million to the PA through Israel, to pay wages and keep a bare minimum of public services ticking on life support. Shocking they have to do that at all, really but Hamas faces a big challenge from the PA after this blows over, as they look to strengthen their hand in ongoing peace talks aimed at regaining control of Gaza.

Why is it shocking?, we know Hamas steal money intended for Gazans.
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Or...do a majority of Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip recognise a necessity for funding Hamas to protect them against Zionist expansion?:unsure:

Even Armenians aren't safe from the Israeli bulldozers...

The Cows’ Garden is the last large open space inside Jerusalem’s Old City, prime real estate in perhaps the most coveted half square mile on Earth.
“We have no illusions about what is going on. For us it is a land grab, whether it is under the name of Rothman or of building a hotel,” said Djernazian. “Any change in this plot will affect the status of Jerusalem, it will change the landscape.”
Their dispute has been overshadowed by the war, but perhaps also accelerated by it. With global media and political attention consumed by that conflict, there has been a rise in land grabs and attacks by violent settlers across occupied Palestinian territories, and a spike in demolitions across East Jerusalem.

The Guardian
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We will continue expanding our humanitarian efforts to the civilian population in Gaza while we fulfill our goals of freeing our hostages from Hamas and freeing Gaza from Hamas,” says IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari in an English-language video statement.
Actually by law the occupying side are supposed to look after this area. The general view on the drops is that the quantities are way short of what is needed and it seems Jordan is doing the most and others have political aspects.

There are more truck roots in - they are closed and no one other than Israel is available at the actual distribution point to control it. Mentioning shootings when aid arrives has cropped up before.

AkJ reckon 90 deaths in the past 24hrs. Fact is that these are estimates based on numbers under rubble that has to be cleared up by hand. They have also highlighted another aspect that fits in with general news. Night time attacks taking out civilian buildings. NIght time, Interesting aspect. Wonder why yourselves.

Israel have tidied up their contradicting reports on the aid truck problem. Main change is the introduction of the word looters.

Israel and the talks - no comments are available. HAMAS is appearing at the talks. Israel refuse one meeting. Seems they agreed to attend another - now ??? HAMAS have not responded to their view on the last talks. I'm not sure Israel really has either. They are saying ceasefire and then the war, Rafar, continues. LOL US - well we will have more talks during this ceasefire and extend it. Israel - wants the names of the hostages. HAMAS ok when an agreement is reached. There doesn't seem to have been any mention of hostage deaths for a while now.
Qatar have been funding the civil side of the HAMAS wages for ages. HAMAS raises some millions from taxation but there are strong indications that it is perfectly capable of funding itself.
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The latest Council meeting on the Middle East crisis spiralling outwards from the war in Gaza has ended, with another US veto and an abstention on the part of the UK, while Algeria's resolution gained support from 13 out of the 15 members around the iconic horseshoe table.

No idea what happened with this one. I assume it may have been an amendment to the above.

AlJ had David Milliband on, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee. Able to give 2 views as direct political involvement in previous problems in Gaza. Now humanitarian areas. As he said the humanitarian aspect is dead simple. The other aspect difficult. Diplomacy and solutions.
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Protestor in Tel Aviv calls it...

In December 2023, The New York Times published an explosive article – now widely discredited – that detailed Hamas’s agenda to weaponise rape and sexual violence on October 7. We reveal the controversies surrounding the article along with the broader issue of Western media outlets’ pro-Israeli/anti-Palestinian bias.

watch@Al Jazeera
The US vice president has called for an immediate cease fire to allow aid to go in. Vague on details. No excuses for not letting aid in.

The Prime Minister's Office instructed Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Herzog not to assist in the visit of war cabinet member Benny Ganz to Washington, claiming it contradicts regulations. The PMO also said the government will not carry the cost of the visit. Gantz is scheduled to meet with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris.

Benny Ganz, an ex active military man who according to poles is favourite to replace Benjamin. His death counts in previous conflicts has been lower not that this means much.

More firmer info that Israel is not attending talks again but might still be according to reliable sources.

My impression - in respect to Israel HAMAS expected to agree to exactly what Israel wants.

A Interesting snippet
Gantz was the chairman of the Fifth Dimension, a computer security and law enforcement technology company, which specialized in tracking via smartphone spyware.[40] The company closed due to financial reasons, after its Russian investor Viktor Vekselberg was sanctioned under CAATSA by the United States during the Special Counsel investigation into Russian attempts to interfere with the US election, led by Robert Mueller.
Seems Germany is going to face an IC? judgement. ;) not sure if it's C or J. There arms exports to Israel said to have increased by a factor of 10 since the 7th. Mention of no point in doing the same with the US. When faced by one or the other Trump simply put and embargo on the president of the court. No idea what is happening concerning mention of our SAS death squads.
The PR battle intensifies as Israel avoids peace talks in Cairo amid revelations that Palestinians detained by Israeli forces are coming back “completely traumatised” and reporting abuses while in captivity, the head of the UN’s Palestinian refugee agency has said. Detainees reported being subjected to a “broad range of ill treatment” including threats of electrocution, being photographed naked, sleep deprivation and having dogs used to intimidate them, UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarini told a media briefing.

Lazzarini’s comments came on the same day that Israel accused UNRWA of having employed more than 450 “terrorists”.

IDF spokesperson R Adm Daniel Hagari said Israel’s military had completed a preliminary review of the killing of over 100 Palestinian people near aid trucks near Gaza city last week, which determined that Israeli forces did not strike the convoy and that most Palestinians died in a stampede.

In fact, he went on to say, no Israeli soldiers were anywhere near Gaza on that day. The tanks were a figment of your imagination....nothing to see here, move along.
One Israeli at the political end said it was HAMAS that fired the shots. Israel itself issued a couple of statement. The last one admits to the shooting. Tanks - only info is a BBC analysis of the drone shots.

Interesting comment. Israel used "contractors" to get the trucks there. UNRWA are better set up for that sort of thing. Might this have had a better result? Who knows but it takes a number of people to unload a truck and hand stuff out and some preparation before the aid arrives.

It seems some UNRWA people have been arrested and some released. Those have been debriefed and the UN is unhappy about how they were treated.

Aid in. It's now clearer that there is a closed corridor that would allow easier delivery to Gaza city.

More night time hits on Rafar.

Still no news on letting western reporters in other than 50 have requested entry.
Bibi is unhappy with Benny for jetting off to see Uncle Joe in Washington D.C.
Benny says he asked Bibi if he could go and Bibi says he couldn't but Benny decided to go anyways.
Is the War Cabinet at war with itself?
No good asking the UN to settle this dispute.
Better call IKEA.
Is the War Cabinet at war with itself?
It's said that the USA see Benny as more reasonable. But it seems the Israeli want a war person in charge. 50% for against 30% for Benjamin.

River to the sea - both sides populations use it.
In response to the report, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan lambasted the international body for taking so long to recognize what happened on the Gaza periphery.

“It took the UN five months to finally recognize the horrifying sex crimes that occurred during the Hamas on onslaught of October 7,” Erdan said in a statement. “Now that the report of the sexual atrocities and abuse that our hostages are going through in Gaza is being released, the shame of the silence of the UN — which is not even holding one hearing on the issue — is crying out to the heavens.”

Foreign Minister Israel Katz said he was calling Erdan back to Israel for discussions on how to move forward, due to the UN’s “silencing” of the issue.

Katz slammed UN chief Antonio Guterres for not calling for a meeting of the UN Security Council “to declare Hamas a terror group and place sanctions on its supporters.” He said Israel had yet to hear “one word” from the UN chief over the report, adding: “Guterres, wake up.”

Guterres’s spokesman denied that he was attempting to suppress the report.

“The work was done thoroughly and expeditiously. In no way, shape, or form did the secretary-general do anything to keep the report ‘quiet.’ In fact, the report is being presented publicly today,” Stephane Dujarric told AFP.

Israel has railed at international women’s groups that ignored evidence of Hamas’s weaponization of sexual violence during the attacks.

It took about eight weeks for UN Women, a women’s rights group under the tutelage of the UN, to post, and shortly thereafter delete, a condemnation of the October 7 onslaught itself.
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