Zion and the Art of Armageddon

Benny is going to arrive in the UK. Apparently the chat will be the same as the US. Patience is running out/low. I wonder if he would be happy with a C4 interview mind you that might turn out to be one of their poor ones.

Benny chats? Mainly electoral. Pass but both the UK and US do have problems in this area.

Reports that a 14 truck WFP convoy going north has been blocked. ;) Maybe arranged to show it wont get there.

Also a new video clip of a new shooting while people collect aid. Tracer fire shown this time, looked to be shooting high and I'd guess a heavy calibre.

AlJ showed drone shots of a particular refugee camp. Don't think this means tents, Houses etc get built in them. Destruction levels look to be pretty fantastic.
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While Benny jets around the world the Qatari Foreign Ministry has said it condemns Israel’s plans to build 3,500 new illegal settlement housing units in the occupied West Bank “in the strongest terms”. In a press release, the ministry said Israel’s efforts to “Judaize large parts of the West Bank” constitute a “flagrant violation of international law” and undermine a potential two-state solution. It called on the international community to pressure Israel to halt such settlement policies.

Hamas has blamed Israel for the failure to find a ceasefire and has left Cairo on the night boat, just gone noon...
Talks said to resume next week.
How do Muslims Observe Fasts and Prayers in Ramadan? Fasting generally entails abstaining from food, drink, and sexual relations from before the first light of dawn until the setting of the sun. Muslims are required to fast on each of the 29 to 30 days of Ramadan.

Starts this Sunday.

Meanwhile SA has approached the ICJ again after a ruling based on famine etc. Water, food and I'd suspect breast milk.
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It protects against the 'jewish space lasers'.
;) I expect a medical expert to explain the complications that can interfere with a womens ability to produce milk and the quality of it. Suspect the judges might like that. Make a change from law after law etc.

Seems the US is going to create a harbour to land supplies by ship. I assume the military may have kit to do that. Pontoon ? No US boots on the ground was mentioned though. The Russian have some gps guided robotic food order delivery things but it would need rather a lot of them.
Some of the mothers will be dead, of course.

Kill more than thirty thousand people, about twelve thousand of them children, and there will obviously be plenty of parents among them.

And as well as destroying hospitals and killing ambulancemen, the Israelis have also destroyed maternity clinics, pharmacies, and shops, and ordered surviving Palestinians to abandon the ruins of their homes and move to "safe places" such as barren beaches.
“People say this is a complex situation, but it’s very simple,” Issa said. “Israel is not allowing aid to get to the Gaza Strip.”

The proposed maritime aid corridor, Konyndyk said, “doesn’t obviate the problem of obstruction by Israel, but rather than being a problem at the entry point, now it’s going to be a problem at the distribution stage. You need drivers that don’t exist, trucks that don’t exist feeding into a distribution system that doesn’t exist,” he added.

The Guardian

And a health service reduced to rubble.
“People say this is a complex situation, but it’s very simple,” Issa said. “Israel is not allowing aid to get to the Gaza Strip.”

Starvation as a weapon of war.

Israeli politicians did not conceal their intention to commit genocide.
In a new report, based on the largest statistical analysis of the media coverage of the atrocities committed in Israel on October 7, and Israel’s genocidal campaign against the Palestinian people in the first month of the war, the Muslim Council of Britain’s Centre of Media Monitoring (CfMM) laid out the empirical evidence for the British media biases in its coverage of this war, and the broader issue of Israel-Palestine.

Analysing the coverage under six themes – contextualisation, language, framing, claims, the undermining of Palestinian sources and the misrepresentation of pro-Palestinian protesters – the research found that many news outlets have opted to present news from an Israeli perspective, often with significant lapses in basic fact-checking and verification.

Zahera Harb@Al Jazeera.com

The BBC has consistently pushed the Israel-good; Palestine-bad narrative throughout this war which is the main reason i go to Al J. for information.
And Rish! took things one step further with his 'extremist speech', warning of pro-Palestinian marchers evoking acts of terror while ignoring the daily assault on Gaza by Israel. These pro-Palestinian voices are being silenced throughout society in the UK as this analysis@the Guardian explains.

Just as the streets of London are said to have been taken over by protesters threatening “mob rule”, as the prime minister, Rishi Sunak, put it last week, so Barclay school is seen by some as held to ransom by extremists using “malicious misinformation”, as the school has described it. The trouble at the school had started when the parents of children who had dressed up in Palestinian colours at a Children in Need day were sent letters threatening referrals to the government’s anti-radicalisation programme, Prevent.

It all smells like state approval for certain protests is setting the agenda - march in support of Ukraine; good. Do so in support of Palestine; bad.
The BBC has consistently pushed the Israel-good; Palestine-bad narrative throughout this war which is the main reason i go to Al J. for information.

Have they acknowledged Hamas is a terrorist organisation yet?

At least five people in Gaza have been reported dead on Friday afternoon after being hit by aid packages airdropped by the US, according to Israeli media citing Gaza reports.

According to the reports, the parachutes on the humanitarian aid packages did not open.

Aside from those killed, it has been reported that several others have been injured by the fall of the aid packages.
Owned and funded by the same people who help fund Hamas. OK.
They pay HAMAS politico's domestic wage bill in the strip.. It's not clear what HAMAS'a financial empire pays for or where the seed money came from.

AlJ and Gaza Strip propaganda reporting. Yes to some extent what they broadcast is just that. The reporters are residents of the Gaza Strip. I remember one lady apparently a civilian who had such a well organised long speech she may have been reading from an autocue. I see what may well be actors tearing their hair out over dead bodies making sure the camera is on them from time to time. However they do show what is going on as well as reaction from people that are genuine. West Bank reporting is far more precise mostly relating to incidents. Their usual reporters are often there. Then come external visitors to the strip who have seen what goes on.

Famine. Expect all to have gaunt faces. No it doesn't work like that the early signs always start with the very young. The quantity of aid actually getting in and it's type can be used to predict this aspect. It's started.

Anyway. Biden has said 2 states is the only solution. Bit vague about how and when. There has been an intent for yonks. Biden has now started his election campaign and doesn't sound so old any more. Trump and the law. Need to wait until circa August,

Also sound a bit optimistic but the "aid port" runs from this Sunday. Details not clear but Cyprus mentioned by some. Smaller boats to actually get aid on shore?? Israel muttering about security checks?? Another mess???
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