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    Removing brass olive from shower solenoid valve

    Yeah, someone else mentioned LSX to me (about an unrelated job). Will have to pick some up. Only problem in this specific scenario is that I can't physically get to the olive since the compression nut is covering it and cannot be slide-back due to lack of room.
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    Removing brass olive from shower solenoid valve

    Picking one of those up tonight... my only concern is the olive might dig into the plastic as it gets pulled-off.
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    Removing brass olive from shower solenoid valve

    I needed to disconnect the CW water feed from the valve and, on re-assembly, it leaked. Can't get to the olive to bodge it with some PTFE tape, as the compression nut is in the way (the short plastic stub that forms the inlet of the solenoid valve doesn't allow much room for an olive and...
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    Complex kitchen knock-through

    Considering knocking-through our kitchen/breakfast room and dining room. From a structural engineering perspective, the job doesn't appear to be straightforward since we'd be knocking-out a load-bearing corner. Hopefully, the attached pics will make things clear... the breakfast room is an...
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    Intermittent CH

    Oil-fired, 2-zone (upstairs/downstairs) CH. Conventional (not combi) boiler. Drayton wireless programmer and wall stats. The downstairs CH only comes-on intermittently... if I hit the boost button on the programmer, the red light comes on, but (intermittently) the rads stay cold. Usual...
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    Drilling and fixing for exterior rendered walls

    Thanks. Flush with render or flush with underlying stonework/brick?
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    Drilling and fixing for exterior rendered walls

    Exterior walls of the house are red brick with a render finish on top (Weber monocouche, basically same as K-Rend). One wall is sandstone that's been levelled and rendered to match the rest of the house. Render on that wall is quite thick. Need to fix some exterior wall lights and a mailbox and...
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    Roof verge work - cowboy job or ok?

    Just had the verges raked-out and replaced on both gable ends of my garage. Had another roofing company out to do some work just after they'd been done and they called me outside to show me the verge tiles were loose. They demonstrated by lifting an adjacent tile and the verge tile lifted with...
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    Driveway marker lights

    I'd like to install some marker lights for the edges of my driveway. The drive is flanked by grass on each side and the drive, itself, is asphalt. I was initially thinking of drive-over sunken lights in the drive, but that would mean quite a lot of work excavating, digging a trench on each side...
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    Finishing false chimney breast

    I'm having a false chimney breast constructed to house TV, fire, etc. It's faced with split face slate tiles and I'm getting to the stage that the apertures for the TV and Sky box, etc, need finishing. I want to have these apertures skimmed and painted, but I'm struggling to figure-out how the...
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    Expectations of skimming job (pics inside)

    Well, I thought he quoted 2 days for 2 lads, but he vehemently denied that and told me it's only common sense he wouldn't be quoting 2 days for 2 lads at £400. He's claiming he's only making £50 from the job (yeah right). No idea on the PVA as I wasn't here while it was being done, but, yeah, I...
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    Expectations of skimming job (pics inside)

    Following-up from my 'have I been over-charged' thread, the job is now done and there are some areas I'm not sure are acceptable or not. Since this is the first plastering job I've had done, I'm not sure what to expect and how much finishing of detail areas is the job of decorators vs...
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    Have I been over-charged?

    Just has a plasterer quote me on skimming 3 walls (nothing wrong with them other than the existing plastering was a cowboy job and uneven... since we're redecorating throughout, I wanted them to be skimmed and made nice and level ready for new paint). He quoted £400 and said it would take 2 lads...
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    Replacing gate valve from CW storage tank to HW cylinder

    Yes, by about a couple of inches, so should be OK on the bottom half.
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    Replacing gate valve from CW storage tank to HW cylinder

    I have and it doesn't work! Mind you, that would also drain the cylinder I'd assume.