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    Fitting a plug to an alarm

    Honeywell make one. Visonic also make one.
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    Data and telephone through single cat 5e cable

    I don't think it would have any affect on speed, but in terms of doing a good job I'd be tempted to run two separate cables. Even if you only use one. It'll help fault finding later down the line. I'm guessing the cables are going to be protected in some way?
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    Tamper Fault

    Seen as you mention tampers, i'll assume you haven't got it wired with resistors. There's the tamper for the zones, bell tamper, keypad tamper and the the end station tamper. Have you got the long thin keypad or the square one? Open the panel and see what's been linked out, taking the...
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    Depends on a variety of factors such as camera resolution and connection type and where you are viewing it from. Over the internet, you should have a UDP connection and not a TCP connection for the camera. A UDP connection can get away with a slow speed internet, but may drop a few packets...
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    Looking through the manual, the detection wiring seems conventional, but the siren only uses +ve and -ve, with an optional tamper. So the detectors would probably work (If its the detectors im thinking of, small rectangular shaped with a red led, then they don't work with certain makes of...
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    A DNS would would sort your issues. If you pop it into google, there are companies that can do them. Obviously they cost though. A quick search says $25, avoid the dree ones as reliability could be an issue. A quote from wikipedia gives a good idea of what a dns is: OP, you mention that Sky...
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    Call ARC Request Code 57771

    Sounds like the installer did it on the side too... :roll:
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    Accenta Optima G4 mini and LCD Keypad

    Also for the first point: Bell delay? If unsure, bung a meter on the Bell + and Bell trigger to see if the panel's actually triggering the bell and sounders. I suspect it isn't which then leaves a programming issue (likely) or a duff panel (unlikely)
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    Accenta Optima G4 mini and LCD Keypad

    You also need to enable programme 2, as it's disabled by default. That's why you can't press the "P" Change it to timed or silent timed, whatever suits, along with appropriate entry/exit times.
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    INF-WSM Wireless Sounder Module, It's all in the manual
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    ADT Wireless alarm

    [/url] Did they used to use honeywell's domonial kit at one point?
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    Identify Alarm System

    That was my original point you arsehole. But of course, any of the systems you fit never ever fail, and I forgot that every single keypad is the same size. My original comment was simply an observation, so get off your high horse. W*nker
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    Identify Alarm System

    So what if the panel and keypad need changing eh? Would a galaxy keypad fit? Probably, would a Castle? No, Would a Texecom? No, Would the new menvier style fit? Probably not See where I'm going with this...
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    Identify Alarm System

    There are portrait keypads as well as landscape ones.
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    Identify Alarm System

    The keypad looks boxed in somehow?