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    Effect of sink cut-out on strength wooden worktop?

    That is why I invested in a nice 35mm grit edged holesaw (: Takes the worry out of it!
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    Building new doors for a sliding wardrobe

    It seems to have a specific kit for mdf doors, so I would assume mdf would not be an issue. Generally if you use a decent spec screw, of suitable gauage etc and pilot drill the holes you shouldn't have an issue in my eyes.
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    My planes still arent up to standard! I find it hard to find the spare time to do the conditioning. My smoothing plane is relatively polished but the bases as cast are appauling! "record irwin" are nothing like the old stanley or record!
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    The older the second hand plane the better! If you buy a new record one be prepared to prepare the base, this means a few hours with oil and silicon carbide paper polishing and smoothing it as they are very rough new.
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    B&Q IT country white kitchen end panels

    I would imagine at that price they are veneered and sprayed? If you are handy then its often cheaper to buy tall housing plant on panels and cut them yourself. Easy enough to square the tops with youre router and jig (assuming you fitted the kitchen and have the tools) and the rest is...
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    B&Q IT country white kitchen end panels We use these guys at work, they can custom manufacture any style size and texture (:
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    Fitting Used Wall Cabinet - Camar Fittings

    they are the same, just a standard bracket (:
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    Fitting Used Wall Cabinet - Camar Fittings

    That hanging rail will work, or alternatively the hanging brackets used on b&q units will work which are avaliable everywhere!
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    van that will hold 8x4 sheets

    My swb renault trafic will only load 8 x 4's diagonally, they are approx 1" too long to fit flat on the floor due to the factory bulkhead.
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    Faux grass advice

    Hi, Ive recently been lanscaping the garden and have decided to go with a false turf as opposed to the real stuff! Ive had a local fitter round who has advised me that I need to flaten the ground and cover with sharp sand followed by geotextile barrier then the grass. I have built a...
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    Plumbing aruond an IKEA kitchen

    As said keep low around 100mm, no higher than 150mm. ikea units fit flush to the wall (absolute pain in the backside) but have a void in the sink unit about 80mm to the back on the unit for the pipework to enter. So if you pop your two isolating valves up say 50mm form the wall around 200-250mm...
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    sharpening/honing stone

    I have the same issue! I have been given an old and good quality India stone with a large hollow in the center, I attempyed to re-dress as I too was informed I could on an old conrete slab, an hour later it hadn't touched it ):
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    Kitchen cabinet hinge screw loose

    There are also some 10mm plastic inserts as used on some of the cheaper units. You can drill the hole out to 10mm resin these in and drill the 2mm hole out to a 5.5, 5.0mm hole i found isn't quite loose enough to take the hinge screw!
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    Cordless Impact screw driver

    I have a makita 12v impact driver, it's awesome! Although I use it for light joinery work, so any building work I would advise an 18v or more.
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    Kitchen cabinet Cornice mitre cuts

    Are you using a electric chop saw or hand mitre saw? You can eye so much of a cut up against the groove in an electric chop saw, cut it over size and trim to the correct length. Wasting 5mm is better than a full length. I always cut the longest length first, if you muck it up you can always...