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    Life for Death by Dangerous Driving?

    Dangerous driving is a lot more than a momentary lapse in concentration. If the new law stops idiots using the car as a weapon its a good law
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    human rights lawyers have blocked 1st plane of asylum seekers to Rwanda

    The fatalities in the channel are the responsibility of the part time pirates who ship the desperate homeless people from France to England
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    Is the BBC a breeding ground

    do you need to mention hillsborough every day?
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    Is the BBC a breeding ground

    Google it
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    Is the BBC a breeding ground

    What is the statue outside the bbc?
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    Could there be a vote of confidence on Wednesday ? 15% threshold reached now

    It's already been decided he's got to go. He is bringing the whole conservative party down and he has served his purpose. The booing at the jubilee was the final straw
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    what’s next then?

    Goodbye bozza
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    what’s next then?

    Hahaha ha good one
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    what’s next then?

    By the end thatcher had no honour or integrity even from her own party. In 40 years maybe people might remember boris was also a man of integrity and vision ?
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    Wales Vs Ukraine

    Wales scored and ukraine never scored. You do not deserve to win if you don't score
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    Where couldn't you live?

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    God bless the Queen

    The whole world is a stage. There is always a joker and everyone knows who the joker is
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    God bless the Queen

    An election every year instead of every 4 years and If the citizens of those countries aren't happy with their politicians I bet they can replace them a lot easier than the UK could
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    God bless the Queen

    The warm feeling was from the 8 pints of cider