alarm system

  1. SomethingSomething

    Pyronix Enforcer v10 with Taxecomm Oddesey bellbox? Alarm systems

    Hi All, Thank you for your time. We're moving into a new home in 2-3 months time and wondering the best way to secure it as we are strangers to the area. We had a burglary at our current house but at the time, we had no alarm system or insurance. Can I ask if it is possible to wire a texecom...
  2. alarmbenjy

    Repeated False Alarms (Wired System)

    System log:- 205) SET PRGRAM 21:35:57 206) ENTRY START 13:11:46 Zone 1 207) ENTRY TIMEOUT 13:12:15 Zone 1 208) INTRUDER 13:12:51 Zone 1 209) INTRUDER 13:13:05 Zone 1 210) INTRUDER 13:13:07 Zone 1 211) INTRUDER 13:14:21 Zone 1 212) INTRUDER 13:14:27 Zone 1 213) INTRUDER 13:14:34 Zone 1 214)...
  3. J

    Problem Arming Failed Alarm

    Premier Elite 88 Premier Elite AMQD Having an intermittent problem with arming. It seems to be linked to the zone that looks towards the keypad and one of the entrance doors. The zone in question is set to Guard/Access. Any ideas why this setup could be causing the arming problems? Thanks
  4. T

    Alarm system issue during coronavirus isolation. Help please!

    I am having a problem with my mother’s alarm system (Pyronix Enforcer). Before going any further I need to clarify that this is an exceptional situation due to the Coronavirus lockdown, that I would, under normal circumstances, get sorted out in a heart beat by simply calling an engineer in...
  5. J

    New Alarm System Specification

    Hello alarm gurus, I have never installed an alarm system before but I am looking forward to giving it a shot. I have put quite a lot of thought into how we would like the system to work and I believe I have chosen a system that is capable of meeting these requirements but I would like to get...
  6. A

    Texecom Elite 24 32XP-W

    Hi, With a bit of help from the forum, I have my Elite 24 up and running :-). My job for today was to add the Smartcomm module and 32XP-W. The former has gone ok, but I'm stuck at the latter. The panel recognises the expansion module, however, when it searches for the wireless PIR (sitting...
  7. A

    Texecom Elite 24 Door Contact

    Hi, I am in the process of swapping out an old wired alarm panel for a texecom elite 24. I have replaced most of the detectors with new, but was hoping to keep the existing door contact which is fitted into the door frame. Does anyone have any idea how to wire the contact shown in the...
  8. O

    Replace a Veritas 8C alarm panel like for like

    Hi guys, we're decorating at the moment and have a Veritas 8C installed and it's working as expected, it was here when we bought the house. However the plastic has yellowed and it's making a constant buzzing noise, a replacement panel on eBay us only about £45. Can I simply remove the old panel...
  9. M

    removing wired alarm system

    Hi, I'm thinking of taking out my older wired alarm (SECURIT 700L ) , and replacing with a yale wireless one. How do I do this ?. I've noticed there's a large white box in the attic where all the wires lead to and which I think contains a battery. There is also a fused spur which isolates it...
  10. R

    Sterling Alarm Code

    Hi, I have a Sterling alarm system which was installed approx 10 years ago. I would like to change the Master User code and the User codes however, having downloaded a user guide I do not have the 'change code' option available when pressing the FUNC button. The only options which appear are...
  11. PhotographyJosh

    Galaxy G2-20 RIO failiure

    Hi, I have a g2-20 panel installed and working fine until 2 nights ago, at about 4pm (14/11) 2 panic buttons leds started flickering red as if they had been pressed and the mk7 by the door has no display but the green led at the bottom is on, the panel is not in an alarm state or reporting any...
  12. K

    Best way to extend Pyronix Enforcer to outbuilding

    Hi, I've got a pyronix enforcer system in the house which I'd like to extend to an outbuilding that can be set independently of the house, with its own keypad to set/unset etc. Alarm cable has been laid to the building and there is hard wiring for a PIR, door contact and internal sounder. It...
  13. CSM Security

    PIR sensors not that responsive

    Hi all, I currently fit Pyronix systems, but last couple I've done the PIR sensors wasn't that responsive when alarm is set. They learnt with no problem at all & signal strength was good. Anyone had this issue? Regards, Chris
  14. N

    Galaxy Ethernet addition

    Hi, I've just upgraded my G2 C-012 alarm with the ethernet module. I've connected the wires and powered up with no fault code. However, i'm not sure what information i should be inputting into the mobile app to connect to the panel. Is anyone able to help?
  15. Z

    GSM Wireless Alarm Advice - Pyronix / Visonic

    I'm looking at fitting a new alarm to my home and looking at either a Pyronix or Visonic, preferably with a GSM module, as i don't always have broadband/landline. Is there a great difference in quality between these two brands?
  16. P

    Alarm manuals - TS500 manual

    As the sticky is locked, does anyone want a Tunsall Security TS500 system manual? Probably not as it's a bit old, but it's going in the bin unless someone wants a copy. Dated October '91.
  17. L

    Veritas Alarm help !

    Hi I've trawled this forum trying to find an answer to this problem and i've found similar problems but not exactly this fault. We've lived at current property for about a year. It was built in 2004 with standard veritas v8 alarm system. Never had any problems until last week when the alarm...