1. J

    Replacement water heater

    Hi, I have recently moved into a house that has an instantaneous water heater for the bathroom sink. The heater has stopped working so I am now on the lookout for a suitable replacement. The current heater is a Tritan TW10i which I believe is 9.5kwh. As this heater is no longer produced, I am...
  2. C

    Ariston microgenus 23 MFFI PCB eprom config

    I've seen a knowledgable poster on here (Agile) who i'm hoping might shed some light. We've replaced the PCB on the boiler as we had no HW, that returned the HW and CH runs. However the on / off switch, reset and comfort switch don't do anything - the boiler is on even when switched to off. So...
  3. K

    Help Please :)

    Hiya, Hope you're all well.. Please can you help me with something if you can.. I live in a rented house and my landlord recently had someone in to fit a new boiler, it's an Ariston Class HE R 24 EU. The old boiler worked with the thermostat on the wall and the timer that's under the...
  4. F

    Vokera Aquanova LE or Ariston Next Evo x

    My Main Medway Super Multipoint has finally bitten the dust :(. Its Hobson's choice for a (NG) replacement either a Ariston Next Evo X 16l or the Vokera AquaNova LE. Does anyone have any experience of these water heaters and which one is the better choice?
  5. D

    Ariston Class One low temp

    Hello, I have Ariston Class One (condensation combi boiler) and the problem is that I cannot get the desired temp. at my house. I have floor heating in the living room and 2 radiators in the bedroom. It cannot get 23C or sometimes it reaches the 23C but very slow. This is a new installation...
  6. T

    Ariston Margherita 2000 isn't pumping out water

    My wash clothes machine isnt working right. At half of the cleaning with more than half water in it, the machine isnt pumping out the water. It would be or the pumping machine or the electronics plaquete. How can I repair it? If its the plaque I dont know how to dissambly to take a look. Any...
  7. C

    Ariston boiler - identification and fault finding

    Hi, My son at university has moved into a rented flat. The heating and hot water has been working sporadically and they are waiting for the landlord to come and sort it. I had a look yesterday and would appreciate help in clarifying what kind of system this is and how to use it efficiently...
  8. M

    ariston e-combi 24 boiler keeps cutting out

    Hi everyone. sorry for long post. I have a bit of a strange issue with my boiler. Had my boiler installed in jan 2012 and has always been running very well. Lately I Had an issue with my boiler pressure going over 2 bar and then going down below 0.6 bar when system cools. I drained the boiler...
  9. S

    Pressure Release Valve location - Ariston Undersink Water Heater

    Hi all, my first post. I am installing an undersink water heater in the garage loft. The instructions say the pressure release valve must be on the cold feed and the diagram show it right next the heater, my question is can i install it below the floor. i.e. in the garage below (as drawn) It...
  10. A

    Ariston Clas HE 30 error code 501

    Hello, I am looking for some advice please. I have an Ariston Clas HE 30 boiler which is currently unable to detect the flame (error code 501). The first few times a reset managed to resolve the fault, but this no longer works. An engineer has suggested that there is a sub-board to the main...
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    Ariston washer lights stuck on

    Hi folks, I have an Ariston A1400WD washing machine which seems to be working fine, however 2 of the function lights are stuck on and I cannot get them off (Super Wash and Reduced Spin). There seems to be plenty of help around related to the lights flashing/error codes, however I can't see...
  12. I

    Why is my Ariston boiler being weird?

    Hi all. My house and hot water is heated by an Ariston Microgenus boiler. It's working fine, except, every once in a while, it fires up and the hot water light (as opposed to the central heating light) comes on. The LCD display goes from showing "On" to showing a number reflecting water...