1. D

    Any chance this is Asbestos?

    Hi all, Hope you are doing well, got some areas in the house and could do with a well trained eye for advice please. Put a foot on the attic a while back and wondering if this could be AIB or similar? Also some Artex type from around 1990? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
  2. K

    Woodchip or Artex

    I understand Artex may contain asbestos so keen to get views on whether this appears to be woodchip or artex - low ceiling area. Thanks
  3. Fishwalker

    What to do with our lath landing ceiling as having trouble hiring a tradesperson to fix up a new one

    Hi. So some of you may have seen my other posts on our hallway rennovation of our 1920s semi. Well it's been back to brick and laths for a couple of months now and we are not getting anywhere! I had to let our agreed builder go, before he put it back together, as I learnt that it had lime...
  4. P

    Surrounded by Asbestos

    Hi, I have recently had the displeasure of discovering a leak (second time) which is coming through my kitchen ceiling. the house was built in the 50s and the kitchen roof and most rooms for that matter are artex’d. I’ve not had it tested but I’m worried as the initial leak was years ago and the...
  5. A

    Why? Just why?

    Why did people ever put thick textured goo on their walls? It's there any way to get the stuff off. I've got solid stone walls with lime plaster, in one area there's been some damp and it's pealed off in sheets but the rest is rock solid. It has been tested for asbestos.
  6. Jasmine993

    Should I be worried by my cracked and possibly bulging ceiling?

    Wondering if there’s any one around for some advice over the ceiling, I’m overthinking it and getting paranoid the ceiling is falling in... Living in a private rental, I think built late 80s / early 90s. The house is honestly covered in hairline cracks across every room where the walls meet...
  7. C

    Repair Artex ceiling leak and plasterboard join cracks

    Hi, Front bedroom Artex ceiling is damaged from past leak, couple of bits where it sticks downwards and there is a crack from wall to wall, possible to repair? Or job for a plasterer? Other rooms have cracks wall to wall which I assume are between the plasterboard sheets.. is there an easy...
  8. A

    Artex covering lathe and plaster ceiling

    This seems to be a subject that has come up so many times. Moving into an 1850s cottage the bathroom ceiling is artex covered lathe and plaster, the ceiling is water damaged from the roof leaking (will be fixed before I start anything) so it has to come down, I also want spots and a ceiling fan...
  9. A

    Asbestos Anxiety

    Hello, I moved in to my new home mid august and in starting to decorate noticed the skim had lifted away in a corner. The painter started pulling it off and underneath there is this coarse and rock hard layer. Anyway after tapping the wall etc there are places where the plaster is crumbling...
  10. A

    Need help repairing asbestos Artex ceiling

    Hi, in my bedroom the ceiling is starting to flake in places. Here is the first place - and here is the other side of the room - . I had a sample tested and it came back positive for Chrysotile, what can I do to make sure asbestos fibres aren't...
  11. G

    Easi Fill for artex repair?

    Evening, I've got a small area of damaged artex ceiling to repair with a stipple finish. About 10cm x 10cm. I've got an artex stipple brush but don't want to use artex due to the 24hr dry time. Has anyone used easifill 20 to get a decent finish? I know it will show but its in a utility room so...
  12. J

    Plasterer has scraped off artex containing asbestos

    [edit: situation now sorted]
  13. jfsoar

    Preparing for artex removal with new skylights

    Hi, I'm about to install two Velux windows between trusses in my kitchen, creating plasterboard light shafts around them. Once done I plan to have a plasterer knock down and skim over the artex in the rest of the kitchen ceiling. I'd like to keep the costs low and the job as easy as possible...
  14. R

    Remove artex and wall/ceiling radius

    Hi all, A house I am purchasing has this Artex and a radius between the wall and ceiling. Anyone have idea how this is done and how easy it would be to remove and replaster for a 90 degree angle. Also I believe I would need an asbestos test before even thinking of removing it? Covedceilingtwo...
  15. P

    Asbestos/artex help!!

    Hi, So a month ago we moved into a house built in 1991. Ceilings are artex so fine as long as not disturbed but in order to upgrade extractor fans and lighting the electrician removed the old extractor fan/shower switch in the bathrooms leaving an exposed hole. Tonight our painter and...
  16. D

    Repairing artex and split plasterboard after flood.

    I have a hole in a ceiling from a water leak. See image below. Ruler is 30cm. What would you suggest to fix? Would you patch in the flaps or artex and paint, and try and make it invisible, after repairing the split between the plaster board? Or perhaps skim over the entire ceiling with plaster...
  17. P

    Textured coating found inside paramount partition (asbestos?)

    I am in the process of removing a partition wall which after some research appears to be a paramount partition. It has a cardboard egg box like structure between 2 sheets of plasterboard inside. On inspection, there seems to be a textured coating on the inside on the plasterboard sheets (see...
  18. R

    Painting bare Artex ceiling

    Last week I painted the artexed ceiling in our lounge with Dulux Brilliant White Mat. The paint is peeling in patches and flaking off. The ceiling hasn't been painted before. I've painted other artexed ceiling without bother. Is the paint the problem or is there likely to be another reason?
  19. A

    How do you create this effect?

    Hi. Working on a house in Spain and all the non tiled walls and ceilings are covered with a white bubbly coating. I need to duplicate it to repair a small section. I don't think it is artex as it is very thin approx 1mm. It may be textured paint. I want to know how to create the tiny bubbles. I...
  20. R

    Asbestos in textured ceiling?

    I recently had a survey done on a house we are looking to buy. The report on the ceiling said this: "Ceilings are of plasterboard. A textured finish has been applied to some ceilings. It is now known that such finishes may contain low levels of asbestos. These appear to be in satisfactory...