1. P

    DIY attic conversion

    Hello all I have a tiny 2 up 2 dawn mid terrace house I want to do a simple attic conversion to add a room. With just a velux window and that's it. Haw hard would this be to carry the work out myself. I want to do this as cheap as possible and want it to be done on the down low if u no what I...
  2. G

    possible air in pipes - combi boiler in attic

    Hi. Looking for some advice please. I have installed a new pump in my boiler, I first added some cleaner, let it run for 3 days, drained the system, installed pump, added inhibitor and refilled / vented. (the filling loop is in the attic) All the radiators heat up fine and i have bled all...
  3. jonshutt2

    Loft insulation sloping sections

    Hi folks, Next task on the old house is loft insulation. In one section of the house there is a gap between the slates, rafters and rooms (plaster and lath) we can access from the loft (green section in attached). You can see right down into them from the loft (See photo) and so we're hoping we...
  4. B

    Adding Attic Floor

    I need to add more attic storage space, so I want to put a floor down in an unfinished section of the attic. Joists are 2"x6" and 16" on center with 10" of blown insulation. My plan is to strap another 2"x6" perpendicular to the joists giving me 11" of space for the insulation, and then...
  5. RobJames

    Building regs advice

    Hi New to the forum. Last year I bought a 1890's ish terraced house. The house came with a massive loft that had been converted to a decent (but aged) standard. The solicitor picked up that there were no building regs for the loft, however, the house wasn't being sold as the loft being a room...
  6. B

    "W" Beams throughout loft in new house

    I'm a real amateur in terms of building and construction. The last two houses I owned (current and previous) have had cavernous lofts. That is to say you go through the hatch and can walk freely end to end. First house was a 1960s brick build 2-up-2-down typical 60s british...
  7. S

    Wood worm advice required

    Hi everyone, After recently purchasing our property, I've found some patches woodworm holes in the main roof joists. They are mainly at the upper half of two joists and from what I can tell they don't seem to be active. I've attached the photos below and would appreciate any advice given. Thanks
  8. C

    The attic (erm... loft?) from hell - where to begin

    Hello, I've just moved in to a new house this week. I'm really keen to get all the cardboard boxes with "attic" written on them into the attic, but after having my first peek up there yesterday, I'm not sure the boxes are headed up there as fast as I'd hoped. I've taken some pictures, but they...
  9. S

    5 cable twin and earth pendant wiring

    I have just purchased braided flex and a 5 point ceiling rose to take 5 E27 pendants. Also I have 4x5 point wago and 2x3 wago connectors to join all the earth, live and neutral wires. I plan on putting all this into a junction box with glands to fit the braided flex and flat 1/1.5 twin and...
  10. D

    Help...soaked felt panels inside roof

    Hi, I don't know whether I might have a problem with in the attic; can anyone help? So I recently purchase my first house outside of Newport, Wales back in September 15; its a semi built back in the 80's. Now after putting the old christmas decs away I've noticed that the inside felt panels on...
  11. G

    Getting cat5e and aerial coax cable into man cave

    This may not be the best subforum for this, but there isn't a perfect fit as far as I can see. I've just moved into a house that has had an extension done. The kitchen has been extended, and above this on the first floor a new bedroom has been added. This will be my man cave. I want to put an...
  12. G

    Want to wire home with Cat 5e: Questions from DIY noob

    Hi, I have just purchased a 2 level 4 bedroom detached house, built around 1990, and I would like to install a couple of RJ45 flush fitted face plates in order to neatly network my home. Obviously, I have Wi-Fi, but for streaming video and file server applications, you can't beat a wired...