back boiler

  1. thebaldfox

    Stovax Stockton Back Boiler issues... can it be upgraded?

    Hi there, I have a Stovax Stockton HB11, but it's hardly outputting any heat at all into the water system behind it. It's almost as if the heat exchanger is just really undersized, or I could have a blockage. Either way, do you know someone in the essex area that could potentially...
  2. J

    Back boiler asbestos panel concern

    Hi, hoping for some reassurance from someone who is more knowledgeable than me about chimneys/flues etc. Apologies in advance for the essay. We are renovating our 1930s semi and I've just been re-reading our asbestos management survey. It was incredibly stressful buying the house and I think I...
  3. J

    Back boiler remova

    I’ve recently moved house and currently in the process of removing back boiler (works on wood) from fire place. I’ve had a plumber disconnect all the water. Was hoping someone could offer some advice on removing the brick work that sits on the top of the back boiler? Would this brick work be...
  4. A

    Back boiler issue

    I have moved to a house that has a back boiler system for hot water and central heating. I plan on having a combi installed when I have saved enough money. The issue I have is that the central heating doesn't work without the hot water being switched on. When I switch the CH on it sounds like...
  5. L

    Thermals store

    Is there any reason why I couldn't convert a non vented thermal store to a vented version by replacing the AAV on the top of the cylinder with a header tank? I don't trust the aged back boiler to be pressured on my new second hand log burner and also don't want a pressured vessel
  6. M

    Baxi bermuda seems to be running at full tilt

    Hi there, I have recently moved into a new home which has a baxi bermuda installed, my aim is ultimately to replace the system but ideally not until next year. I have just had a new three way valve installed on the system as there was no hot water when we moved in, however, ever since doing...
  7. R

    Solar panels, water tank and aga as back boiler

    We have had an offer accepted on a house with the above. There are radiators. Two solar panels for elec and two to heat the hot water that has a thermostat. The aga is solid fuel but there is gas to the property as they have an oven and gas hob. How much would it cost to install a combi boiler...
  8. Cclaire03

    Solid fuel back boiler removal advice needed

    Hi, I have just removed a 1950s concrete fireplace and found a back boiler & damper behind. Can I remove this myself? It looks easy enough to remove the bricks etc. I dont want to fit a stove or anything. I would just like it to be opened up. Any advice appreciated. Picture attached of the...
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  10. S

    boiler move with gravity hot water and back boiler

    Hi all...I need a bit of advice on a central heating job..the job is for a relitive who gave me a call wondering if I could move an oil boiler from the utility room of his house to the corner of the garden he wanted to buy a new condensing oil boiler that can be fitted externally for this..I...
  11. E

    After an advice about the central heating and hot water

    Hello everyone, (it's my first post but I was reading posts here for a while now) The situation: My wife and I just bough a 3 bedroom semi-detached house. The house has an old back boiler in the living room behind the fire place, cold water tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder in the...
  12. T

    Open up space where backboiler was in chimney breast...

    I bought a house a week or so back and after opening up the fire place, I noticed that there has been a back burner in there. I want to make the opening larger, but I'm not sure if it is ok to bash away some bricks or not. What do you think? I'm guessing that the space was bigger originally...