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26 Apr 2022
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United Kingdom
I’ve recently moved house and currently in the process of removing back boiler (works on wood) from fire place. I’ve had a plumber disconnect all the water. Was hoping someone could offer some advice on removing the brick work that sits on the top of the back boiler? Would this brick work be structural or infill? I’ve attached image.
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The fairly vertical brick pillars are structural (holding up the front of the breast).
The big mortary mess above right and left of the old backboiler are just infill, as will be most of the blackened random mortar/bricks above.
Judicious use of hammer and cold chisel (or sds with chisel) should get one of the mortary messes moving, it's quite possible you'll get a small avalanche of soot and halfbricks when it does go so be prepared!
Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure if this picture helps, but the bricks on the right and left seem go up beyond the lintel until the flue sweeps to the right. Do you think it is still alright to remove?
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Have a good look up the chimney- you'll need a bright torch and either a mirror or stick your head in the hole and look up. At some point above the lintel you'll see fairly neat stepped brickwork (or flat brickwork)- that'll all be part of the chimney. That lump mortared in is (far as I can see) just filling a gap

So the red line is the lintel in the chimney breast. The green lines are the bricks and mortar that are sitting on top of the back boiler. Do you think that can all come out or just take out, up to the lintel?
Yes, all those bricks and mortar are doing is forming the throat for the flue (to give a decent draught). Take as much or as little of it out as you need to, don't beat it to death with a sledgehammer though.
Why is the water jacket still in place?
The flue needs sweeping, probably with flails - its a must.
The remnants of a hearth might be above a hearth fender wall filled with soil - you would need to open it up to expose whats below?
Whats your final purpose in doing this chimney breast work?
It had a lot of brick and mortar on top of the back boiler. Was originally asking for advice on how much can be safely removed. As you can see the previous picture it’s at a point of removal. I’m going to install a log burner.
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