block paving

  1. whickey

    Rising damp still after exterior aco drains

    Since last year been having rising damp when rain is very heavy! Last week had aco drains put in outside on the black paving. The driveway would not meet new regulations as driveway is so close to the damp course. Despite the aco drains being put in last week with this continued heavy rain...
  2. D

    Downpipe not going to soakaway

    Hello all. I recently had a roofer come out to look at my leaking guttering. When he came he showed me the downpipe was full of water and some moss etc. He kindly cleared it out for me but had told me that the downpipe just discharges to just under the blocks on my block paving. He showed me...
  3. A

    clear grass from large block paving area

    Hi Ive attached a pic of the block paving , i need a large area cleared of grass. also do i need to wait until spring for a dry period with any treatment? Thanks Ad.
  4. M

    Spraying block paving - non-viton sprayer

    Hi, I have to seal my block paving, and all the info says I need a Viton sprayer otherwise the rubber seals will perish. It's a job I'm going to do once, and I happen to have a spare old non-viton sprayer hanging around. The job will probably take me 2 hours max. Hate to be a part of the...
  5. J

    Block Paving Brands - Brett...Marshalls..Tobermore etc - any difference?!

    Hello, Have tried googling, reading paving expert etc, but can't seem to find any good comparison between the different brands of block paving on the market. Is there any real difference between the big ones? We've had various contractors out to quote for driveway work and each swears that...
  6. leaf17

    Block paver apron for gravel driveway

    Hi all, I'm planning on adding a short block paver apron between the footpath and my gravel driveway. My question is about how I keep the pavers in position given that they'll be driven over regularly. The pavers are only 50mm thick and so I don't think that simply haunching them where they...
  7. D

    How to secure loose block paved steps

    Hi All, We have steps leading out from our back door which are made from block paving. A couple of these blocks have come loose and I'm looking for advice on how to secure them. Strangely, when I look under the loose blocks there appears to be no cement stuck to them. Can anyone offer some...
  8. J

    Wet bedding layer

    We got a delivery of sharp sand to use as the bedding layer under some block paving. Because of the location we couldnt leave it sat where it was delivered so we were just aiming to get the project done before this rain came back too hard. We got one section laid but then the rain came on too...
  9. pilsbury

    Block paving suggestions and tips

    I’ve done a block paved patio at my old house (30sqm) a few years back so am clearly an expert..... but was after some input from those who might be a little more expert than me as I’ve just started the process of doing my drive but have not moved onto block selection yet. Firstly, choice of...
  10. M

    How to clean block paving ??

    Hi I recently had a corner of my block paving done in the front driveway the bricks are red to match my existing driveway, but the existing driveway is dirty and paving is grey, what is the best way to clean the driveway paving so it’s original colour comes back is there a chemical cleaner...
  11. M

    How to do this block paving?

    Hi I’m looking to get this block paving done, I had a planted area with bricks which has been removed, also there is a virgin media cable there which needs building, Whats the best way to do the block paving what vase is needed, concrete or sand? Any advice would be great thank you
  12. mrelliott

    Aco drains

    My understanding of an Aco drain in block paving is that it's visible on the surface of the BP. Is that correct? TIA
  13. H

    Block paving recommendation?

    I am looking to get my driveway replaced and from what I've read I will need to either use permeable block paving, or direct surface water to a permeable or porous surface in front of the home. Due to the relative shortness of my drive I don't think directing the water away is possible. I...
  14. A

    Painting over Block Paving Possible?

    Hi, A few years ago, we installed a block paving driveway- (the typical red bricks with black border etc) We're pretty bored of that look now and were wondering if we could potentially cheaply renovate the look by painting the blocks black and then sealing it to give the effect of those modern...
  15. J

    Excavation and foundation

    Hi, bit of a querie here. Also first post so go easy on me! :-) I'm just excavating to block pave my drive. However it seems the foundation project a lot further forward than the outside brickwork. Can I cut this and dig it away in line with the brick ready for hardcore etc??
  16. J

    Any Information on HiBond Block Paving Sealer?

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forums. Really signed up to ask a question, i have come across HiBond Block Paving sealer online but can't seem to find any reviews. Apparently it is also a DIY Product as they are selling 5l cans on Ebay. There website seems ok but i just wanted some more information...