1. J

    Best solution for adding a shelf with lip to this keyboard stand

    I've got a third layer on my keyboard stand, but rather than adding another keyboard to it I want to add a shelf which spans the arms on which I can place several smaller pieces of equipment. Weight of the equipment will be around 5-6kg, but obviously most of that will be supported by the...
  2. S

    Matching Skirting Boards

    Hi all, this is my first post and was hoping someone can help. I have to replace some existing skirting boards due to some work being done on parts of a couple of rooms. The current skirting boards are the Torus variety but the problem I am having is there seems to be a number of variations and...
  3. N

    Window Board Width : Sourcing

    Hey We have some fairly deep windows in our home. Looking at the window the existing boards are about 110-130cm horizontally /width /length? about 20mm thick and depth from bullnose to actual window is about 60-60cm Looking to replace them with moisture-resistant mdf one, but all suppliers on...
  4. J

    Using tile backer foam board for internal walling of single skin block wall.

    I am curios if this is doable or would work. I have a small single skin block shed. Now I am wondering if you can use foam tile backer board like Q Board dot and dabbed to the wall as both the vapor barrier, insulation and paneling without using plasterboard? This panel is meant for wet rooms...
  5. M

    Boarding collar ties

    Hi, I have collar ties on my loft with a decent amount of space above so was hoping I could board them and use for light to medium weight storage. Is this ok? I don’t want to risk putting weight where it shouldn’t be. There’s also 2 thin strips of wood joining the tops of the collar ties, o...
  6. B

    Floorboard gaps under carpet query!

    Not long before we have a carpet fitted (with underlay) in our front bedroom once plastering and decorating completed - normal floorboards with a small void (where you can see some dust, debris and wiring) between this room and the lounge underneath. Does anyone know if you need to 'fill' gaps...
  7. D

    Glue tile backers to stud?

    To help prevent panels dropping later, I was thinking of glueing aquapanels to the stud (additional to screwing & edge glueing panels with proprietary glue). Any thoughts? Panels to be supported on horiz. rail anyway, so just run some Gorilla up the stud before fixing them?
  8. D

    Correct protective treatment of new barge boards?

    To match existing black Sadolin finished boards. Do I need to treat inside faces etc?
  9. J

    Window board rolled edge 25mm. How to make the rolled edge on the side?

    I have to replace my windows board and was thinking of buying some length of windows board and cut to size than machine the side and make it rolled edge as per the front having a nice 45° sharp corner. I got a router but never done any rolled edge. is there anyone helping me to understand what...
  10. K

    100mm insulation equivalent

    im finding reclaimed 1.2 m x 2.4 m x 100mm insulation boards online for £29. it's too expensive. Does anyone know a supplier or an equivalent technology to kingspan that is less. Has anyone tried blowing their own closed cell (waterproof) foam and do you know where I could get it. still...
  11. J

    1930s Floor issue. Seems very soft. How to make it stronger and lasting

    Hi, Just removed my old T&G plank and at the beginning I though that below I had a very strong Concrete flooring but this is not the case. I made few trial hole and the drill bits goes in like a soft cream and what come out is a black soil. the all flooring does not sound very strong and my...
  12. D

    Plasterboard carriers - are they ok?

    Any recommendations? Screwfix do a roughneck but it's only 165mm wide, which isn't very generous considering the weight of a single sheet. I have to shift some 12.5mm plasterboard on my own. Thank y'all kindly. Dain
  13. Jim1138

    Help identify/suggest replacement for wiring board (8-e91-12-102)

    Hi, I appear to have lost power to my programmer (Honeywell ST699) after one of my wall thermostats got knocked clean off the wall and something went pop. I'm hoping it's the fuse in the wiring board that's blown but I've none at home as yet to test with and my father, who's on holiday, has my...
  14. D

    Name of detail where window sill/board is longer than aperture?

    Where the board is overlength but just along the front/room edge, so that this edge of the board extends at each end beyond the width of the window, to continue a few inches along the rendered and skimmed inner face of the wall. Is there a term for this detail? Thank you, Dain
  15. D

    Need to level floor - Mix of concrete and boards

    Hi, I've just taken up some big horrible flags out of my kitchen that were laid on an inch or so of cement (still to do under kitchen units). I plan to put laminate down but the surface is going to need levelling. There is a concrete section, boarded section (little uneven) and some channels...
  16. C

    Decking - ledger board position and fixing problem

    We're just completing a new build extension and planning to build a deck out from it, ie 2.5m out by 5.0m across approx. Deck boards 5.0m to run perpendicular to building so joists 2.5m going out from building. There is a patio doors pvc sill below which there is a gap then the concrete sill -...
  17. cwhaley

    Skirting Board Wedges (plugs)

    Hi all. I've spent the last 6 months of the 6 months I've owned our house doing repair work on previous bodges. Luckily I've learnt a lot from people trained in both the old and new ways. One thing I need to do this month is fit new architrave and skirting to the front room. I've got the timber...