1. A

    Broken Breeze block in loft

    Can anyone recommend on what to do with this? We have lived in the house for almost 2 years now (newly built 2020) Never had reason to go in the loft at all as we cannot use it as storage, but went up this morning and found that one of the blocks on the gable end has half of it missing, not...
  2. A

    Salus RT500bc not sending signal please help we are cold

    Suddenly the thermostat has stopped sending signal to put the heating on. I’ve tried changing the batteries.. The red light is flashing on the receiver and on auto. I’ve tried turning everything on and off again . Its not kicking in when I turn the temperature up on the thermostat the flame...
  3. V

    Quite urgent Roofing help please

    Hi, We had a big storm this week and I ended up with water running down from my bathroom ceiling down my wall. Having checked the tiles it appears that one tile along the edge (verge I believe it correct term) has broken and it's directly above the leak, so quite sure it's the issue. I am...
  4. Steve Vidler

    Broken mixer wall mounted shower tap

    Hi everyone I have a problem where the kids were messing around in the bathroom and our mixer has now come off. I've added some pics could someone please help as to putting it back on or replacing? Many thanks
  5. L

    Trianco TRO 15/19 MK3

    Hello there, Thanks for reading this - As the title suggests, I have a Trianco TRO 15/19 oil fired boiler, which has currently stopped working. The boiler has come to a complete stop, normally there is a green light to indicate mains supply and then when I switch the programmer to turn on...
  6. R

    Broken concrete at the base of the soil pipe

    At the base of the soil pipe leading to the drain, there is a hole in the concrete which reveals the main sewer pipe. What is the best way to repair the hole?
  7. bettz1

    Worth repairing Worx drill?

    My worx wx390 drill has stopped working. Had it about 5 years and only used a handful of times but noticed there was what looked like oil leaking when it was left inside the case. Opened it up and got a multi meter tested the battery and trigger all working fine so is it the motor? When the...
  8. J

    Numatic NQS250 commercial has stopped working

    My commercial grade Numatic hoover has stopped working. I checked switch and capacitor and all seems working fine. Machine was working and then stopped. With new fepa filter was under a bit of overloading but I only used for few minutes a time to use with wall chaser. I do not see any other...
  9. S

    2 port valve broken?!

    I've just checked one of my 2 port valves and I'm sure it's a gonner but just checking. If it's a full valve replacement will it need a system drain, is it DIYable and if not how much is it likely to cost to repair? Thank you
  10. C

    Cast Iron Downpipe Broken Collar Repair

    Hi, Got a cast iron downpipe with a broken collar, when it rains quite hard the water spills out of the broken section. I know it may be best to replace but is there a way that a good quality repair can be facilitated? The back of the pipe is rusty but no leaks as far as I can see. Thanks...
  11. cwhaley

    Heating will not switch off

    I have a Main Combi Eco 25 boiler and a Salus RT501RD(TX) room timer. I've just had the boiler serviced and as part of that service had a new diverter valve and actuator motor put on. The reason for this being that the valve was stuck in the mid-position. I now have a new problem. Despite what...
  12. S

    Window Hinge Identification / Replacement

    Hi. The hinge in the attached photos has broken and I need to replace it, does anyone know what make and model this is or where I can get it from or an alternative? Thanks
  13. M

    Fix broken floor boards upstairs vs new central heating pipes replacement. Which one 1st?

    Should I get my central heating pipes replaced first as they go under the floorboard then go and fix my broken floor boards upstairs or vice versa? thanks in advance.
  14. AndyMcCall

    Nest 3rd Gen / Heat Link not Turning on Hot Water...

    Hi All, I made a post a few days ago about how to wire my Nest 3rd Gen Heat Link. User jackthom kindly replied and everything seemed great. However I've noticed that the Heat Link isn't turning on the hot water. The central heating work fine. The original wiring of the programmer was...
  15. G

    Salus rt500rf receiver faulty - red light but no green light

    Hello, complete novice here.. after doing some searching I found an old post which has alerted me to the fact that the problem with my boiler not responding to the salus rt500rf thermostat display monitor is most likely the receiver, as it is displaying the red light (& is therefore receiving...
  16. C

    Draughty brand new windows and balcony door.

    Hi, March last year I've had new pvc windows and door installed. Flat was in process of being redecorated and we really only noticed the problems when it started to get really cold around December. I've noticed a lot of cold draught coming from around the balcony door frame and window seals. I...
  17. D

    Glow-Worm boiler 3 months old, broken fan?!

    Hi, please help! We live in a rented flat and had the boiler condemned just before christmas because the flu (sp?!) was not at the correct angle so was puddling in the ceiling.They stuck the new one smack bang in the middle of the living room on an outside wall and all was well... For the last...
  18. Fisher1980

    Glow Worm Ulitmate Not Working - Help!

    Afternoon All, So as winter get ever closer, It would seem our heating would pack up ! Such is life. The issue we are having is thus: The boiler refuses to light, often starting and stopping the fan and not progressing to ignition. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Chris