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    How can I remove this high spot to lay a floating engineered floor?

    I've been trying to get my 22m chipboard floor (on joists) flat in two rooms and a hallway of the 1st floor, so I can lay a floating click engineered floor. There is one high spot left in the hallway , which is partially over a steel I-beam which i think is why board is bent out of shape. I...
  2. D

    Subfloor advice for tiling

    I am looking for some advice on suitable bathroom subfloors on joists. I have had a look on the forum, and am struggling to find an answer. Currently the bathroom subfloor is some kind of 18mm chipboard screwed onto the joists (400mm centres). Previously carpet was laid on top of this so...
  3. K

    stopping chipboard creaking

    Hi all I recently moved in to a new house. Before laying carpets i tried very hard to stop the chipboard flooring from creacking when you walk over it. Itspretty load everywhere! First I pulled up all the nails (long process) and replace with flooring screws, this stopped some of the really...
  4. J

    First Fix plumbing after chipboard installed on loft conversion. Is this the normal?

    My builder wants to install chipboards on the loft conversion to have a solid working platform before plumber first fix. My question is how the plumber will be able to run the pipe through the joist without removing the chipboard? Does not sound ideal for me as the plumber will need to bring...
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    Cut new hatches in my chipboard floor joist question

    So i had to cut a few hatches in my tongue and groove chipboard flooring, for my new kitchen for plumbers and electricians to get access. However when avoiding the nails there are some that dont rest on the joist. Is it ok to "daughter" the joist to support the new hatches? TIA
  6. J

    Can I used chipboard between floor board. Got old plank missing

    As per attached photos. I have to close out my first floor and got some old flooring plank missing. As the 140x18mm are very difficult to find, can I used chipboard instead and cut to size. Is the chipboard strong enough where I have 20mm base support on the half joist? Thanks
  7. M

    Is a batten needed at doorway under floating floor?

    Part converting garage to 2.4m x 2.4m utility. Have levelled concrete floor, 1200dpm, fitted 100mm then 50mm (90 degrees) solid insulation. Vapour barrier then tongue and groove 18mm MR chipboard, glued. Was quite pleased. Have recently read on some insulation websites that there should be...
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    Tiling onto P5 Tongue and Groove Chipboard Floor Panel

    I have recently started refurbishing my 2 bathrooms and have came to tiling part of my plan. In bathroom 1 I have screwed any loose floorboards to the joists so that there is minimal movement, and then I have put 2 layers of 9mm Ply Hardwood down with staggered joints and a layer of Wood Glue...
  9. A

    Lifting Glues Chipboard Floorboards - is it worth it?

    Hi, I am laying a new laminate floor in one of the bedrooms and have just lifted the old carpet and had my first look of the tongue and groove flooring. Some of the tongue and groove joints are very loose and when walked on sag and cause the floor to creak slightly - in the extreme cases the...
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    Replace 18mm chipboard t&g with 12mm ply

    1st floor galley kitchen job (3m x 2m): I want to put click vinyl down but don't want the click to raise the finished floor level so I figure on replacing the 18mm chipboard sub with 12mm ply? Any thoughts? Do I need additional floor support perp to joists? At what ctrs? What size additional...
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    Loft Boarding - Clear Insulation or Crush it?

    Ive just moved into a 12 year old home. It has roughly 200mm of insulation (2 sheets of 100mm), but suffers from the "modern house syndrome" of only having 38x75mm joists. This means my insulation sits very proud. I'm looking to board it out. Now, conscious that the existing joists aren't the...
  12. E

    Soaked chipboard roof and MDF stairs

    Hi, New here. We are having a loft conversion done and company has failed time and again to waterproof the roof, so we are now experiencing the 4th rain leak in 5 weeks. As a result, one of the chipboard roof panels (where it leaked every single time) has been soaked through and through, and...
  13. O

    Old suspended Fl; insulation, breather membrane, plywood between joists

    Sorry, this is a nested question.. Old suspended 1960s floor comprises: 3" void, 3" timber heights (sat on engineering bricks, levelled with cement), floorboards. Joist spacing sees 440mm approx inbetween joists. Joists are 2.5" wide. Goals: - insulate between timbers - UFH: install over tray...
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    Unvented cylinder on chipboard?

    We have just had a old gravity system removed and a new system boiler installed, the unvented cylinder has been placed in the loft. The loft is boarded with chipboard and the cylinder is sat in the middle of two joists with a wall running underneath. Is this safe?
  15. A

    Replacing 26mm thick chipboard flooring

    Hi, As above, I've got a few sections of chipboard flooring that could do with being replaced before we get our new laminate flooring put down. Got the calipers out and it seems as though my T&G chipboard floor boards are 26mm deep. Most places only supply 18/22mm thicknesses (have found 26mm...
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    Bathroom subfloor questions

    I know this gets asked a lot but I couldn't find a thread discussing the exact points I'm confused about. I'm refurbing a small (1.4 x 2.4m) shower room. The fitter has proposed the following for the subfloor: - 18mm moisture resistant chipboard screwed to the joists at 250mm centres, with...
  17. S

    Underfloor Heating - Help needed!

    I really hope someone can help, I'm slowly going crazy!.. We've got 170m2 of under flooring heating to fit upstairs in our new build but can't figure out the 'best' & cheapest way. Metal web/easi joists with 22mm chipboard. Planning to use 150mm mineral wool between joists. Majority of...
  18. R

    Rebating chipboard - how?

    Hi all, Long time lurker, but I've generally been able to find everything I need already mentioned somewhere else...until now! I'm currently boarding out a small area in my loft around the hatch, and plan to do this straight on top of the joists. (The remaining area already has a raised floor...
  19. S

    Plywood ontop of chipboard

    Got an old council house, under the carpet is a layer of thick chipboard. Looking to put lvt down but need to plywood over the chipboard first. What method would anyone use for fixing the plywood ontop of the chipboard?
  20. M

    Uneven concrete/bitumen floor

    Problem: Tiling a kitchen floor. Half is covered in bitumen (from parquet floor). Half is a new concrete slab. There is a 35mm level difference across the floor and is fairly lumpy. Possible solution No.1?: Use latex self-levelling compound such as arditex na. BUT: I am slightly worried...