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Is a batten needed at doorway under floating floor?

Discussion in 'Floors, Stairs and Lofts' started by mno, 23 Jun 2020.

  1. mno


    15 Jan 2008
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    United Kingdom
    Part converting garage to 2.4m x 2.4m utility. Have levelled concrete floor, 1200dpm, fitted 100mm then 50mm (90 degrees) solid insulation. Vapour barrier then tongue and groove 18mm MR chipboard, glued. Was quite pleased. Have recently read on some insulation websites that there should be treated softwood battens at the doorways. Have a doorway from kitchen - nearly level and a back door where you step down to go outside (approx two bricks). Will the battens be needed and if so, where ? Any advice welcomed.

    Would fitting a second layer of 18mm chipboard help ?
    Last edited: 23 Jun 2020
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