1. F

    Centaurplus C27 to Hive single channel

    I have just moved into a new house which has a combi boiler (previously normal with HW cylinder) however the owner retained the Centaurplus C27 clock and just had hot water set to 24/7 to give a live to that circuit. Coming to replace with a hive single Chanel unit and looking for some help. At...
  2. C

    Flow rate of Vaillant Eco Tec v Vaillant Eco Tec storage combi

    We're looking at replacing our ageing combi boiler and are weighing up whether it's worth getting a storage combi versus a conventional combi. (We've considered a system boiler and cylinder, but we don't think we can make it work from a space perspective; in any event, a combi should be...
  3. Sarahstuck

    Ecotech 835

    Hello newbie here I wonder if anyone could help me, our boiler worked fine for about 18 months. Then it stop coming on and going off on the scheduled times. on Automatic it does not come off or go on. so I have to manually set the temp to come on and below 30 to turn off when I have had...
  4. Ash D

    Unvented Cylinder vs. Combi

    Hello all, I’ve been pointed to this forum as a source for help in a question over heating / hot water systems. Apologies for the long winded post to follow! My 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house was built on 1999 and is currently heated by a Potterton Supreme heat only boiler and a gravity fed hot...
  5. K

    Keroscene combi boiler has stopped producing by-product water

    We have a Grant Vortex 36Kw combi keroscene burning boiler, which has two expansion vessels fitted to the heating side of the boiler. Recently we added a bit of pressure to one of the expansion vessels. Since then the boiler has stopped producing the by-product water that's produced when you...
  6. B

    Future proofing a boiler

    Hi, We've just moved into a 4 bed / 1 bath detached house. The combi boiler is around 8 years old, it's working but when our friend who is a gas engineer serviced it recently he believes there is a problem with the heat exchanger. We're looking to extend the house in the near future, extending...
  7. 3

    Central heating misery (or mystery)!!

    Hi hope somebody can help! We've had our open system boiler upgraded to a Viessmann Vitodens 050 combi back in August last year. When we had the heating on the first time in November when the thermostat was set to 20℃. After giving birth and having parents coming from the far east to help out...
  8. T

    Which new thermostat to fit? Radiators now, UFH soon as well

    Hi All Apologies if this is answered elsewhere, I couldn't see an answer but I may have missed it I have a crap combi boiler thermostat, I would like to replace it. (It's in the wrong place, hardwired and not very capable) We are having an extension built this year, and will add wet...
  9. D

    Combi vibrates intermittently on windy days

    Hi, My combi has started shaking intermittently during the recent stormy weather almost as if air pressure is getting trapped in through the flue somehow.(sounds a little like a washing machine on spin in the next room) If I turn the thermostat down, it stops and then runs normally when I turn...
  10. G

    Use of Combi but with HWC for bathroom.

    We have a large 4 bed, 1 bath, 1 showerroom bungalow. Ideal Mexico rs65, yes that old!, has run faithfully since 1987 when the house was built. It provides more than adequate heating and hot water and most of the year the boiler thermostat sits at 1. Only over the very coldest spells does it get...
  11. K

    Combi Maxin 24e water leak

    Hi my combi has devolped a leak it only seems to leak when the boiler is off and cold (unless it's evaporating) when hot, it's only a slowish, please see picture for location, it seems to be coming from the nut on the base of the pump Do i need to either tighten up the nut or is it maybe a...
  12. S

    Mysterious pressure loss

    Hi everyone, I’m having some strange issues with my boiler that has our usual heating guy stumped and I’m hoping one of you friendly DIYers will be able to help. It’s a Logic Combi 24 losing pressure, around 0.5 bar every 24 hours. I turned the boiler off and isolated the central heating feed...
  13. T

    NEST controlling Pre-heat function on WB 30i

    Hi all, My WB 30i combi obviously provides DHW on demand at all times when a tap is opened. It has a preheat function to provide a small amount of pre-heated water to reduce DHW heating times - manual control is via the ECO/PREHEAT button. It also has a (usually linked) input to presumably...
  14. A

    Enviromax Combi C35 Pressure Loss and Central Heating weirdness

    Hello I'm a new poster here, Boiler- Enviromax Combi C35 with Riello RDB Burner The central heating has been consistently loosing pressure over time and I have sorted many leaks since moving in the house but have discovered one small leak on a radiator that looses less than 15ml of water over...
  15. T

    Vokera combi boiler very rapid cycling

    I found a post on here with a similar problem and have been advised to start a new thread as this is for a different brand. This looks a very good site! We are having a big problem with hot water supply to taps and the shower, especially upstairs. Hot water will heat rapidly then go stone...
  16. B

    Worcester boiler buzz fading 37cdi

    Hi, got a 10yrs old WB greenstar 37cdi. Runs nicely but every few minutes has a loud buzz that fades in then back out, lasts for a few seconds and then fades out. Definitely not the pipe work or snagging. Can happen any time, not just upon fire up or shutting down. Any ideas? Thanks
  17. R

    Hive receiver wiring help - oil combi boiler

    Hi, I have moved to a house with a oil Combi boiler and a thermostat (Grant) which is on the wall in the kitchen. Can I replace this with my hive receiver do you know? I'm a joiner to trade so very limited ability with things like this although I replaced my old one but it was like for like...
  18. D

    Valve between outflow and return pipes

    There is a valve connected between the outflow and return pipes just under my combi boiler. What is this for and should it be open or closed?
  19. C

    Viessmann Vitodens 100-W Combi Boiler B1KC

    Hello all! I've just got a new Combi boiler installed and would like to clarify two things (I have heating off atm and DHW set to 50ºC (which is default). - While using hot tap water, display shows it goes to around 64ºC. Shouldn't it be around 50 as per setting? - In DHW, does it matter if...
  20. C

    Should I replace my (possibly 20 y/o) Ideal Mexico 2 boiler with a modern combi?

    The boiler is working fine but is an old conventional boiler, and what is quite annoying is that the central heating system has no 'y valve' so you can't have hot water without turning on the heating (in the summer we put the thermostat on minimum but it still comes on). I had some plumbing work...