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  1. T

    Rising damp

    Hello, I took out the plasterboard and seen some damp on timbers.. what would be the best solution for this? Wall then 3 timbers, single wall. Noticed some damp on the other side
  2. C

    Damp in terrace house

    Hi all, I recently moved into a 3 bedroom terrace house and have notice large amounts of damp in the bay window of the house (please see the images attached for reference) I was just hoping that someone on here would be able to identify what type of damp it is This only started in October it...
  3. P

    Single storey outrigger with no foundation and no DPC - what can I do

    Hi, We are renovating a house and have noticed that the existing single storey outrigger doesnt have a foundation and DPC, there is nothing that can be done about the foundation bit because of the adjoining property in the terrace, however I am keen to prevent damp issues and was wondering...
  4. 1

    Musty smell hallway/dining room

    Hello everyone, Newbie to DIYnot. Bought a house and it smells as soon as you walk through the door. Fine upstairs. At first we thought it was the newly painted dining room giving off a weird smell however I noticed a strong smell coming up from the boarded fire place that was used as a...
  5. L

    Damp under bay window and in kitchen

    Please can someone help me I’m so desperate I bought this house and everything was done from top to bottom inside before I bought it I seen the house once and now 4 months later theres damp and paint flaking off and damp patches Does anyone know what this could be?
  6. L


    Hi there, looking for some advice on repointing work. last summer we got a guy in to repoint the parts of our house that he said needed doing, and he did a great job. However, we had no idea that it would make the house look so patchy (see first pic) so got him back in this week and basically...
  7. S

    Spalled Brickwork- Is render appropriate?

    Hi all, Some advice would be highly appreciated. I have some spalled brickwork on the gable end of my house and there is some penetrative damp coming through in these areas. (Roof and guttering newly replaced so 100% sure it is the brickwork). I have since DPM'd internally and replaced blown...
  8. R

    Damp in centre of house

    I bought a mid terrace Victorian house about a year ago. It seems the previous owners indulged themselves in a significant amount of bodge work. An area in the center of the house has been showing damp since I moved, which has progressively got worse (images attached). The damp appears to track...
  9. J

    Damp proofing cost for unspecified work (not completed)

    Hi everyone, New to this forum and in desperate need of advice. I had a builder do some damp proofing work for me in my house. I live alone and was starting to panic a wee bit about the damp (it’s an old house) and this builder seemed to really know his stuff. He quoted me 10k for damp proofing...
  10. Mickey1392

    Possible damp issues (from neighbours chimney?)

    Hey guys, I had peeling paint on the ceiling beside partition wall at top level of three story Victorian red brick terraced house. I scraped it back but it's like chalk. I found layers of like a skim then paper then a wooden board. But I also have found cracks and they are also in the hot...
  11. Dan Irving

    Masonry paint & Seal advice

    Hi New to this. I have a pebbledash end of terrace house - 50m2 external surface area. Pics attached. Need a few cracks made good, masonry sealed then painted for protection from water & frost. I have two options: 1 - local painter & decorator using Sika Clear Masonry waterproofer & Valspar...
  12. S

    Repointing before tanking slurry

    Hi got Concrete blockwork below ground around 70cm deep Supporting a timber outbuilding I’m making in the garden. It’s letting water in, external stuff is not working, my french drain is pants, dpm has clearly failed. With neighbours garden walls so close and timber structure already built...
  13. L


    Hi everyone we recently purchased our first home - a lovely three bed Edwardian semi in need of some work. I am looking for some advice on mould. we have noticed a few areas of damp. 1) The interior outside wall in the kitchen. There is no extractor fan, no heating and a poorly fitted back...
  14. R

    Shed: Wooden Sill to concrete advice needed

    Hi All, I have a concrete slab in my garden where the previous owners shed once stood. I now want to build my own "Posh Shed" there. My issue is with connecting the wooden sill to the concrete in a damp free manner. The concrete slab is on a slope so ground level is higher at the back which...
  15. R

    Attaching fence post to house wall - DPC required?

    Good evening all! I'm shortly looking to put up a new fence *above an existing wall* in our front garden. -BACKGROUND INFO- The (single brick) wall is not in a great state and the intermediary pillars are on the neighbour's side, but she has asked us to put a fence up in order to hide our...
  16. B

    New flooring. DPC?

    Good afternoon, Looking for a bit of advice, Going to screed a downstairs concrete bathroom floor prior to fitting with tiles, doesnt look to be any DPM down previously. So basically on top of the concrete floor, prior to screeding, I was going to put either a 'one coat' paste like one...
  17. A

    Rising damp and Wood borer infestation qoute Fife, Scotland.

    Looking for some advice. I have recently received a quote as described below - 1 Carrying out woodborer eradication treatments to all accessible roofing timbers and flooring timbers throughout the property dry lining the front walls of both bedrooms including fitting a waterproof membrane...