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    Replacing a one way light switch with a dimmer

    Hi all, Am going round and round in circles with this and thought its time to ask the experts... We have a new build, and am trying to change the living room light switch to a dimmer, but need advice on the connections. The current switch has two brown wires into the L1 port at the top of...
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    New Dimmer switch - Help needed

    Hi , I moved into our new home and shortly after the dimmer switch in the living room broke. I thought at first ist should be an easy switch. But it’s now more confusing than ever. The old dimmer ( metal face ) has three wires red , yellow and blue . Two wires blue &yellow going into one port...
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    18 LED bulbs in to 2-gang dimmer... help please

    Hey there! I have an open plan kitchen-dining room, each has a 3x3 grid of spot lights with LEDs. 9 LEDs per room, 18 in total, all going in to a 2-gang dimmer switch (so each knob controls 9 LEDs). Now, when I first moved in a few years ago, I swapped all the halogens in the house (every...
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    ADVICE - Standard dimmer and dimmer-able LED's or vice versa ??

    Hi All I have a double room currently fitted with twelve 35w halogen GU10's (6 each side of room) and a standard 2 gang dimmer. What is the best option to convert this to Dimmable LED's ? A trailing edge dimmer and standard led's ? Or a standard dimmer and Dimmable led's ?? Price is also a...
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    how to use a 3 position retractive light switch as a dimmer

    I'd like to install a dimmer switch to control my lighting. I know you can get rotary dimmers like these: http://goo.gl/kuPhwq, which are the usual way to install this. Instead, I would like to use a 3 way retractive switch for dimming. I've seen 3 position retractive switch modules from...
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    Double Gang Switch Replacement; Comm L1 Link?

    Hello Everyone. Im struggling to replace a switch in my flat with a dimmer; I'm hoping someone on here might be able to help. I currently have a double switch that controls both some roof lights and a 5amp lighting ring. The Lighting ring has a secondary switch on the other side of the room. I...