1. N

    2 gang switch, dimmer replacement, odd behaviour (?) / new build house

    Hi, I have never come across this before, so I hope you can give me some direction here. I can normally swap switches and sockets without changing any configuration, but it didn't quite work out this time around. I always mark cables and take photos. I have 2 lights in the main bedroom...
  2. Grahamandcharlie

    New ceiling light with existing dimmer

    Hi. Not sure if this has been posted before but can't find the answer. I took my old ceiling light down but like an idiot didn't take note of where the wires would fit into the new light. It has a dimmer so there are 2 sets of 3 wires in the hole in the ceiling, red, black and green. No rose...
  3. G

    Replacing switch with a dimmer in a 3 way installation

    Hi guys. Trying to instal a dimmer switch but the arrangement I have is quite tricky so though I will ask for some advice. So the lights in my house can be controlled via multiple switches. I have 2gang 3-way switch in the kitchen to control kitchen and living room lights. I have 2x 1gang...
  4. D

    Replacing 2-gang 1-way light switch with dimmer switch

    I'm trying to replace a 2-gang 1-way light switch with a dimmer switch. I've never replaced a switch before, hoped it would be straight-forward but I can't figure out the correct terminals to use for a 2 gang switch, all diagrams just show a 1 gang switch. If someone could let me know which...
  5. C

    Replacement dimmer switch module

    Hi all. This dimmer switch module has stopped working. Would anybody be kind enough to recommend a replacement and where I can purchase it. Rather than me buying a whole new light switch and having to chuck the old one into a hole in the ground. Many thanks in advance.
  6. S

    Is total wattage for the light fixture or the circuit?

    Hi, apologies for what may be a dumb question! I'm planning to upgrade a broken dimmer switch which was rated up to 250w with an LED-compatible one (the Varilight JQP401W), which is apparently only rated up to 120w. I initially assumed this would be fine as the switch only controls a single...
  7. S

    How do I know what type of transformer I have?

    Apologies if this is a dumb question! I need a new dimmer switch, and figured I may as well upgrade to one that's compatible with LED bulbs (the previous dimmer was used with halogen bulbs). The Varilight V-Pro JQP401W seems to have good reviews. However, when checking the specifications I...
  8. S

    Dimmer switch with 2 red wires + earth?

    I have a dimmer switch that recently stopped working, so I'm hoping to replace it with a new one. This is the only switch that controls the light in question, so based on my googling I expected to see one red or brown live wire and one black or blue switched live wire going into the switch...
  9. D

    Dimmable LED bulb in old dimmer switch lighting circuit

    What's the worse that can happen? Distant elderly relatives need to replace some old 60W tungsten filament bulbs. Problem is, the lighting circuit has an old dimmer switch and I've read that even dimmable LEDs don't work properly (or at all?) with old-style dimmer switches. The possible...
  10. OuluChris

    Replace double dimmer switch with single

    Hi, A room in my flat has a double dimmer switch but only one ceiling-mounted light (and no other main lights). It's also old and causing flickering (several of the other single dimmers in the flat have already been replaced because of this). When I remove the switch from the wall there are...
  11. Frederic

    dimmer switch wiring

    Hi all, This is my first post here and I am looking for some electrical diy help. I would like to replace some existing light switches with dimmer switches. I could call an electrician but I feel like it should be a fairly small task that I could handle myself. We already have a dimmer switch...
  12. K

    Light switch confusion

    Hello I want to replace an old rotating dimmer switch with a wifi dimmer switch preferably, but if that works out too impossible or complicated, I would be happy enough to just have a normal 2 gang switch or 1 gang switch. It's in a living room beside a kitchen, the kitchen has a 2 gang...
  13. robodelfy

    Replacing triple switch with dimmer?

    Hi My kitchen has 12 downlights, with a triple switch at the entrance, which turns different sections of the room, one of them only turns on and off two of the downlights which seems silly. There is also another switch by the garden door which turns on and off 5 downlights, the same as one of...
  14. P

    Help with bedroom ceiling downlighters not working

    Hello, I need help in understanding why my bedroom ceiling downlighters are not working. They are on the same circuit as my bathroom and ceiling fan (these are working). I have pulled the can lights out of the ceiling and checked the junction boxes to see that connections are not loose. I have...
  15. T

    LEDs are buzzing, seems to be bulb specific

    I know this is a boring question that must get asked a lot but I promise I have done some research and cannot find an answer that fits with my experience. I've recently moved house, had it rewired and I've fitted Philips LED bulbs throughout. Most are from their 'Warm White' range and some are...
  16. D

    Will dimmer switch still turn on non dimmable lights?

    I am changing a double light switch for a dimmable switch. One of the lights is dimmable, the other is for the undercabinet lights I don't think are dimmable. Will a dimmable switch still turn on the undercabinet lights? Just not dim them?
  17. R

    LEDs and dimmers, Stepped dimmers?

    Hello, We've got LED downlights in the kitchen (spec below). I'd like to change the light switch to a dimmer. 1. Anyone got a suggestion of good dimmer switches for these lights? We've used Varilight JQP252W V-Pro dimmers for other rooms but the dimmers are a bit variable (different LEDs at...
  18. T

    replace double dimmer with normal switch

    hi, we have a double dimmer switch in the conservatory that I'd like to replace with simple switches. it is wired as per the attached photos. do I need to buy any special kind of 2 gang switch? is the wiring straight forward to swap to the new switch? many thanks.
  19. G

    Wiring - replace electronic dimmer with switch

    Morning, happy new year. My electronic dimmers are not rated for LED bulbs so I bought a switch to replace it, and figure could then replace the halogen bulb (with transformer of course). In the dimmer there are 2 brown wires going into L and and 1 brown wire going into a curvy cross which the...
  20. J

    Understanding voltage readings on dimmer and earthing

    Hello there, I am rewiring a metal dimmer switch after redecorating; before decorating there was no earth cable between the cable from the wall and the earth terminal on the dimmer. The lighting circuit is protected by a RCD but as I understand it a metal dimmer switch is class 1 so should be...