door frame

  1. S

    Door frame

    Hello We have a doorway which have no door installed, nor does it appear to ever had a door installed. I expect the doorway has been added to the house at some time It has a wooden frame, with a sand/cement edge (painted over) and then has wooden architrave attached to the send/cement. See...
  2. S

    Blockwork Shed Questions

    Hi. I don't have any building experience at all :eek: but I am going to have a go at making my own tool storage shed out of blocks (roughly 3m by 1.5m and just high enough to walk in). I'd appreciate any comments and suggestions on my "plan". As I progress I'll think more about each step before...
  3. J

    Excessive damp around uPVC door frame

    Good afternoon, I've seen a couple of similar posts on here but I'm still can't work out what's going on here. As you can see from my attached photos, there is excessive damp, mid height around my back door frame. The external brickwork has been repointed recently and looks watertight. The...
  4. S

    Plasterboard protruding

    Door for utility has no archatrave framing and it is flush with the plasterboards one side however not on the other, pic below showing what it looks like, what would be best way to sort this? Maybe sande it to a chamfer or would it be better to cut some of it away so that I can fit some...
  5. C

    Stud wall gap size for double doors

    Hi all, I am looking to build a stud wall into an archway to take a set of double doors. Just want to check what size I should make the space in the studwork to take the doors please. The doors I have are glazed, 1981mm(h) 1524mm(w) (both doors) 35mm(D). I have a 10mm Pairmaker to go between...
  6. C

    Door lining timber

    Hi, I am looking to put double/french doors into an archway at the bottom of our stairs leading into the lounge. The existing is a brick wall at one end and the end of the wall between the lounge and stairway. The space is 1800mm wide x 2160mm high. The width of the wall it will butt up to is...
  7. H

    Removing patio door frame & brickwork

    We have a Spectus patio door frame between our lounge and conservatory. We've already had the doors removed. We were hoping to remove some plasterboard and pull the frame forward but we've found out that 10-15mm of the frame is behind brickwork ... which we don't want to touch. We can't find...
  8. SteveFranklin

    Door Frame advice

    Hi, I need to fit a new FLB external door to replace an old one. The door itself is easy enough to get as they are much the same from the same suppliers. Question is, which door frame do i need? I'm just after a simple door...
  9. S

    prime/seal door frame casing before plastering?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if it's a good idea or pointless to prime paint a door lining/casing in situ before plastering around it to try and block moisture getting into the frame and possibly having it swell as a result? is this a thing? Overthinking?
  10. S

    help with a frame for angled doorway

    I have been struggling with how to start and go about building the frame/door lining for a door that needs to have a notch taken out of it to fit under the stairs! I iwould appreciate someone who might have done something simialr to run me through the steps. Have a fairly good idea of how to...
  11. S

    door lining depth and skimcoat required

    I have a stud wall that has finished depth of pretty much spot on 100mm I have planed timber door lining that is about 108mm is 4mm on each side too much to ask of skimcoat? should i be thinking of getting 2-3mm off the door lining timber or is there smarter ways to do this?
  12. A

    How to replace a rotted timber door sill?

    I have a hardwood timber door sill that has rotted away. Not sure how it's rotted so bad. How do I fit a new door sill? If I slide it in beneath the door jams, how do I secure it in place? The old one appears to have been nailed to the door jambs - the rusty nails can still be seen protruding...
  13. JimDogweed

    Best sealant for sealing outside of door frame

    We have a small gap (worse on the left side) running around the door frame of our 1900 terraced house. The frame is wood. What's the best type of sealant to fill this gap? Would an outdoor silicone sealant like this be best...
  14. N

    Increase internal door height and replace with new ones

    This is not exactly a DIY as I won't be doing this myself. I wanted to ask for the collective wisdom of what type of contractors this will entail (who will I need). I want to increase the door height in my flat. Above the existing doors is hollow (plaster) and can be knocked down. I will need a...
  15. J

    Internal door lining which one. I`m confused rebated? grooved?

    i`m in the middle of full renovation and because i`m going to convert my loft build regulation want all the door to be fire rated. As Next week the plaster will come down I have to buy and install the door frame to make sure the plaster will align with it. As I never purchases a door lining...
  16. P

    Door lining not wide enough?

    we are converting our garage and will need to replace the door and lining (the original door + lining never fitted) however it appears the off the shelf linings are not wide enough. On the assumption of 100mm thermalite, 12mm boards, dabs 10-20mm walls a little out and 3mm skim, making the wide...
  17. C

    Can I remove this?

    Can I remove this cupboard safely and move the door over? I want to remove this cupboard and then move the right door over in the hallway into the left hand side where the cupboard is now. Doing this will add so much room in my bedroom. I wanted to make sure this cupboard isn't holding the...
  18. JLM1978

    Upvc door frame help

    Hello I've been trying to weather proof my front door and have had advice to fit a threshold kit. I have now purchased it but I'm not sure it should go in to a upvc door frame? Does anyone know if anything should sit in the bottom of the door frame? Picture for info but not mine. I was...
  19. P

    Doors to small, can I decrease door frames/jams?

    Hi, I am doing up my house on a VERY small budget. I have bought some second hand pitch pine cottage doors complete with hinges and locks. All of them are too narrow for the 8 door frames I replacing doors in. Is there an easy way to add to the frames/jams without it looking too bodged? I'm...
  20. F

    Filling crack around door frame and architrave

    Hello all, At the end of the very hot dry summer some 1-2 mm cracks appeared in the upstairs spare room at the back of my property, my guess because the wet soil dried out. From previous posts I've seen I don't think I need to worry about subsidence. The crack runs vertically along the edge...