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  1. T

    Marmox dot and dab - deep bed adhesive

    Evening all. I’m trying to find a deep bed cementitious adhesive for dot and dabbing Marmox boards onto uneven brick walls. The maximum I can find is about 15mm bed but I’m looking at dabs of 20+mm higher up the walls. I will be mechanically fixing through the dabs. And I want to avoid battening...
  2. P

    Theory question for a plaster expert, please!

    I understand that it is now good practice to dot and dab drywall adhesive in ribbons with a continuous line around the perimeter- but how come it's not commonplace to just stick the whole board on using a full bed of drywall adhesive? It's quicker to throw on and smooth out the adhesive rather...
  3. P

    How long before I can dot and dab over a hole filled in with a cement and sand mix, please?

    Hello, I'm wanting to follow some advice given on here (huge thank you to JohnD!) to fill in some deep gaps/holes on a Thermalite wall with a sand and cement mix. After I've filled in the holes, I intend to dot and dab plasterboard across the wall and then skim over it with plaster. Please...
  4. T

    Does dot and dabbing plasterboard onto brick need screws too?

    Hello. I have used dot and dab to put some plasterboard onto a brick wall so I can tile it. Is it possible to tile onto the board without screwing the board into the wall? Does dot and dab hold some decent weight? I'm only putting subway tiles on
  5. Fishwalker

    Can you dot and dab plasterboard onto lath and stud walls

  6. S

    Threading wires through Dot & Dab?

    Hi guys, I'm just about to move into a new build house, and I'm hoping to place my TV and speakers in the lounge, but they haven't put a plug or anything where I wanted. I'm also hoping to run an HDMI cable from one room into the next. Is it possible to run cabling sideways through a dot...
  7. J

    Bonding & Plastering OR Dot & Dab? Pro and cons of each system

    As I had now removed most of my hard plastering inside the house due of the age and completely came apart from the wall. I was suggested to use dot and dab plasterboard system instead of plastering the whole house. Can someone advise on pro and cons of each method and which one would be the...
  8. K

    Bond and skim, or dot and dab?

    Hi all, So I’m refurbing my brothers house (built 1901) and have totally ripped the kitchen out (4.4m x 2.4m). I’ve had to knock the walls back to brick as the bonding was crumbling and blown. I’m quietly confident at plastering but by no means an expert. Can’t see any obvious evidence of lime...
  9. G

    Fixing towel rail to dot and dabbed, tiled wall.

    Evening, I've got a dot and dabbed wall (12.5mm plaster) which has been tiled (200x100 metro's). I need to fix a towel rail (1350x450) to the wall. Worried about weight tbh, how should I go about it? Cheers.
  10. G

    Internal wall insulation - Best Fixing Method

    I want to internally insulate the outward-facing walls of my victorian house (no cavity) in Dublin, but I have had some mixed messages from different sources about the best method. (Yes, There are some 4 year old posts on here about this but none are very conclusive. Can we make this post a good...
  11. J

    Insulating Exterior Wall Internally

    Hi, Im considering insulating a wall internally as this room gets very cold as soon as the heating is turned off. Its a downstairs living room, and my plan is to insulate the exterior wall. We had insulation blown into the cavity walls within the house, and insulated the suspended floor to...
  12. S

    Chimney removed now need to cover wall.

    Chimneys were removed. Now we need to make good the wall. What is the best option bearing in mind that we dont want to lose too much room space. Also any tips on how to seal soot stains will be appreciated Pics provided. Thanks
  13. R

    New patio on sharp sand and dot & dab

    Hi, About to lay first patio - 20 B&Q large (600x600x35) textured paving slabs, so roughly 3m x 2.4m - with limited traffic as we'll just put low chairs and a garden coffee table on it. I appear to have dug v deep as I ended up putting in 70 large bags (c25kg each) of sub-base, twice more than...
  14. S

    Speaker wiring in dot and dab plasterboard wall

    Hi All, Been trawling the forums a bit on here but can't find a specific answer to what I'm looking for. Basically my man cave is upstairs with a loft space above it. I have a TV mounted to the wall and I'm now looking to wall mount my speakers to get a bit more space on my desk. The wall in...